$20 Makeup Challenge (Singapore)

5:44 PM

There's this $20 Makeup Challenge Tag going around on YouTube and I gave it a shot. It is a challenge wherein you need to come up with a full face makeup using products and tools that cost below or exactly $20. So, here's my take on the $20 Makeup Challenge:

This video was uploaded to my beauty channel on YouTube on September 28th, 2012.

Fuso Make-Up Kit 
Fuso Liquid Foundation in #4 
A Coin :)

Cosmetics here in Singapore are very pricey. My Revlon Colorstay Foundation already costs S$30, so it's really almost impossible for me to do this S$20 makeup challenge. Good thing I came across this brand "FUSO" and it instantly made me decide to do this challenge. Please note that I was just experimenting on this look. So, if you find it not wearable, I'm so sorry. I might try to do another $20 makeup challenge, but I'd go for a look that is wearable. I hope you enjoy watching. =) 

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