Haul Part 2: Drugstore and Skincare Products (Guardian and FairPrice Singapore)

1:03 PM

This entry is an obvious continuation of my previous one. This Haul Part 2 feautures all the stuffs that I bought from the drugstore (Guardian) and from FairPrice.

Here are the list of things that I bought from Guardian, which I mentioned in the video:
  • Round Facial Pads (S$5.75)
  • Maybelline Gel Liner (S$16.72)
  • Bioderma Sebium H20 (S$12.72)
  • Simple Wipes (S$12.56)

Here are the list of things that I got from FairPrice:
  • St. Ives (S$8.90)
  • Eversoft (S$11.90)
Then I got these two also from FairPrice but on a different occasion so I don't have the receipt anymore:
  • Biore
  • Neutrogena Oil Control

*NOTE: Because I've been very busy these past few days, photos for each of the items are to follow...

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