Haul: ColdWear, Payless ShoeSource and Nike (Pre-Korea Trip)

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Hi everyone!

Remember I told you two months ago that we did travel to Korea and had an awesome 6D5N stay there? Well, before that wonderful trip, we did a little bit of shopping first because yours truly has almost zero tolerance to the cold weather. And since we don’t own clothing that would stand the cold weather in Korea, we decided to pay Changi City Point a visit just to shop. I actually blogged about that day here.

And yeah, this haul is now long overdue but so what?! I mean, I’m sorry, but could we just get on with the haul without you staring at me like I did something punishable by law? Puhleezzz? Errr… on to the haul, shall we?! (Widest grin ever!).

So we went to a lot of different shops that sell thick jackets and you know all those wintery stuff but after almost 2 hours of hopping from one stall to another, we ended going back to ColdWear coz that’s where we found not just what we needed but what we wanted (that are not so painful to the pockets *wink*). And here are the stuff we bought:

After the winter coats, we decided to pop in to some of the shoe stores there coz I needed to get me some boots for our trip and I also wanted to get me some running shoes (even though I don’t run…religiously – but you know *cough-cough* to motivate me!). After half an hour of trying out different shoes, I ended with these two pairs, both from Payless ShoeSource.

Hubby also bought a new pair for himself! We went to Nike and here’s what he picked.

And I guess that wraps up my haul for today. My posts for our Korea Trip are coming up real soon, so please stay tuned. Thanks for reading and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! 

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  1. I love posts with clothing hauls <3 nice things dear, especially I love black shoes<3

  2. Wonderful items doll, I do love them all :) xx


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