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If anyone is wondering where the author of this blog went, well, you’re not alone. I’m wondering about that same thing myself. LOL.

I just want to drop by to let you know that I may (again) not be that active around this corner for this year.  I will keep this blog up, though, and will keep posting every now and then, but I wouldn’t be able to keep a certain schedule as I have a lot of other things I need to focus on for this year. That said, I will still post all those blog posts (hotel reviews) that I have already written when we went to the US in October last year and I will still be posting some product reviews here whenever I have some extra time. I really suck at time management, so constantly keeping up with contents for my YouTube channels and for this blog is slowly becoming a little bit stressful, and I seriously don’t want this alley to be a stressful lane.

Right now, I need to low-key go back to my Archi-roots ‘coz I’d be working on one interior design for our condo unit in the Philippines and two residential designs for my sister’s house and my parents’. I need to set my priorities straight to be able to do these stuff and with this, there’ll be some things I like (love) that I may need to give up... for now. 

Also! I have plans of going back to work this year but I’m still praying hard about it and seeking God’s super-awesome guidance.

SO YEAH! That’s it for my “life update”. For the followers of this blog, I hope you stick around ‘coz I’m not really leaving. This is just a heads-up in case I suddenly not post anything for weeks.

For now, allow me to share with you all the videos I published on my YouTube channel for the month of January because I gotta admit that’s basically where I’ve been spending more of my time this month but even that may change as well in the coming months, so...  we’ll see!


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