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Hello everyone! 

I have another unboxing post to share with you all. The other night, this bad boy just came in the mail and I almost couldn't contain my excitement. 

Why? Because on 7th August, I got an email from Bellabox: a preview of my August box and right there and then, I knew that my upcoming box is going to be FAB and I was right!

 So without delay, here are the fab items that Bellabox sent me:

Let us start with these 3-day challenge pack from Dermedex.

Refining Cream 2: 30ml / S$69
Biotox Cleanser: 50ml / S$50
Acne away! Keep those problematic skin issues at bay with Dermedex Anti-Acne Challenge Pack, which consists of Dermedex Refining Cream 2 and Biotox Cleanser. Refining Cream 2 uses all natural ingredients combining Chinese herbs and western technology to combat pimples and oily skin, while the Biotox Cleanser achieve deep cleansing while keeping your skin moisturized. All these in just 3 days.
 My Initial Reaction: For some still unidentified reasons, my breakouts haven't left me since they arrived and invaded my peaceful life a month and a half ago. My skin normally breaks out this bad when I'm nearing my period but not for the entire month, which makes my situation now weird and irritating already. My face has been acting this crazy for almost two months now, which makes the timing of these skincare samples perfect! I have opened the two tubes already and started using them this morning. I wanted to give you my comments about it  but I decided to save it for my blog post which I'll write after 3 days of using it to see if their slogan, "clearer skin in just 3 days" is true. 

50g / S$45
Constantly staying in air-conditioned rooms will result in the loss of moisture from our skin. HARNN hand cream series are great companions for dry hands, ensuring that our skin remain firm, smooth and soft despite the damaging environment. Expect 1 out of these 3 different flavors in your bellabox – Jasmine & Pomegranate, Cymbopogon and Oriental Rose with Coenzyme Q10.

 My Initial Reaction: Finally a hand cream that I can be so happy about next to my soap & glory handfood. I was so excited that I took it out of its box right away and popped it open to take a sniff. I wanted to be certain right there and then if I’d like how it smells and sure enough, it smells divine! It feels so soft on the skin and it is non-greasy. Winner!

25ml / S$9.25
No more greasy and yucky skin after a long day out in this humid weather! With Wotnot’s Facial Wipes, its 100% soft natural fibre wipes in a convenient pack will make sure that you stay radiant all day long! It contains all-natural ingredients such as aloe, rosehip oil and Vitamin E that is ideal even for the most sensitive skin.
 My Initial Reaction: From the first day I learned about the goodness and convenience of facial wipes, I’ve been obsessed. So this will really come in handy for me especially whenever I go out. I always bring facial/wet wipes with me.

S$1.50 per wand
You already have the tools you need for a healthier skin, how about something for the inner wellbeing? my LIFE INC. TEAISM brew boasts healthy teas for the busy you. All you need is a hot cup of water, throw in the FDA-approved aluminum wand, and voila. The road to achieving a wholesome balance on the inside and out! Available in Ginger Black Tea (for comfort), Green Tea (for balance), Fancy Black Tea (for energy), Blueberry Tea (for protection) and Osmanthus Tea (for restoration).
My Initial Reaction: If you’re going to ask me a month ago, I’d definitely say NO to this as I was never a tea drinker, but things have changed. I’ve decided to live a healthier life one month ago and now I’m open to any health drinks including teas. So, I’d definitely try this out and might even write a short blog post about it. Take note of the magic word “might”.

10ml / S$28
Put this in your purse and you’re ready to conquer the world! ModelCo’s Cheek & Lip Tint is the ideal companion for a day-to-night expedition. Its red tinted color will give you the long-lasting picture-perfect glow that you oh-so-need.
My Initial Reaction: I love multi-function makeup products. I know that it’s designed for the lips and cheeks but I’ve also used my other lip & cheek tint on my eyes to enhance an eye look. I love its color and that it's very pigmented.

3.5g / S$36

At Bellabox, makeup will always be our first love. Our motto is “Make Up For Ever”, coincidentally one of our beloved brands as well! The Mini Rouge Artiste Intense gives your lips ample coverage and an intensive color that will help you stand out among the boring crowd.
My Initial Reaction: This is one of the Make Up For Ever lippies that I was eyeing when I attended their workshop last December. I planned to purchase this back then but it slipped out of my mind for some reason which is why I silently screamed (because I didn’t want to startle our housemates) when I saw it in my box. It is red and velvety – perfect for a sultry and/or dashing look.


Smoothing Essence-in CC Cream: 30ml / S$38.90
Magic Skin Beautifier CC Cream: 50g / S$39.90
Prime, hydrateccc, correct, even and brighten your skin with L’egere CC cream that is formulated with an innovative capsule technology that will make sure your skin stays protected and fresh around the clock. Rejoice to all-in-one CC cream!
My Initial Reaction: I was like “OMG!!!” – Finally, I can try a CC cream. I haven’t tried any and I have always been curious as to how its coverage and longevity is compared to other foundations and BB creams. I intend to write a review about this one, so hang on there, my dear bloomers! 

Aside from all these items, I got vouchers and helpful cards like usual. So that’s it for my August wonder box! If you want to receive FAB items like these, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Bellabox now! Or if you’re already subscribed, what did you get for this month? I seriously would like to know!

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