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Weeks ago, I’ve been in contact with the marketing department of Glamabox and last week I received two of their amazing boxes.

What is Glamabox? It’s a beauty subscription box like Bellabox and VanityTrove, where for only S$18 per month; you’ll get a box filled with four-five deluxe sample sizes of beauty and fashion products personally selected by the beautiful founder of Glamabox, Lisa S. (Channel V veejay and an international model based in Hong Kong). It now comes as no surprise that Glamabox first started in Hong Kong but is now available in three more countries namely Taiwan, China and Singapore.

The website shows HK currency
There are four types of membership available for anyone who’d like to try their service. There’s the monthly plan for S$18/month which you can cancel anytime, 3 months, 6 months and the yearly membership. All these memberships except the S$18 monthly plan are all transferable anytime.

For more information on how Glamabox works, here’s the link to their FAQs:

Enough of the “basic info” talk. I am happy to present to you the box that I received. Let me just say first that I adore their gorgeous and evidently well thought-out packaging. The box itself is already a #winner. GLAMA for glamorous packaging!

And now on to the unboxing portion and the exciting items inside:


INNOXA Renew Triple Action Gel Wash 20ml
Retail Price: S$13 (20ml)
Established in 1920, INNOXA is a highly trusted brand in Australia with nearly a century of dermatological heritage of nurturing and regenerating. INNOXA make hypo-allergenic products that are classic, simple, beauty. This Gel Wash can leave the skin clean, pH balanced and rejuvenated. It is formulated with the essential nutrients and concentrated benefits of fruit waters and botanical extracts to boost skins radiance, whilst at the same time using a unique triple-action to cleanse, tone and effectively remove all traces of makeup. Directions: Use morning and evening with warm water. Gently massage a small amount of lathered gel over wet face and neck, starting with the eye area to remove makeup. Rinse off with warm water.
My Initial Reaction: I was of course thrilled to get a full-sized product, but at the same time confused because of its size. This is the first time I saw a full-sized facial wash as small as this. It’s quite pricey for S$13, so I thought it better be good when I try using it.

Review Express: When I squeezed out a small amount of this clear gel face wash the first thing that caught my attention was the white thingy I saw. As for its scent, it doesn’t smell extraordinary but it does smell clean which I like. When I started rubbing it on my face, I was shocked by how fast it foamed up! That amount I got from one squeeze unbelievably covered my entire face and neck. It lathered amazingly well, it stunned me. I’ve only used it once so I can’t tell yet if it really does remove makeup like what it claims but I’d totally let you know. It made my skin smooth to the touch with just the first use – incredible!

AFU Witch Hazel Super Moisture Cream 10g + Almond Rejuvenating Cream 5g
Retail Price: S$31 (50g) + S$62 (50g)
The Witch Hazel Cream helps tighten up facial skin to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. Its ingredients can also lighten the skin. The Almond Cream will bring your skin a more lifted and firmer look with a fresh, rejuvenated glow.  
My Initial Reaction:(a)Witch Hazel Cream - I love the very simple packaging. When I saw on the description what it claims to do on the skin, I was immediately interested to try it. The off-white color of the cream is not really my type but I like its friendly scent – feminine but not too much. (b) The Almond Rejuvenating Cream didn't appeal to me that much as far as packaging is concerned but I'm looking forward to its performance.

Review Express: I applied the witch hazel cream on the areas of my face which badly need tightening (LOL) but of course I wouldn’t know yet if it’s effective or not. I need to give it enough time to prove its worth on my vanity table. But as far as the application goes, I like how smooth and lightweight it felt on my skin. I’ll give you an update soon about her performance. Same goes with the almond rejuvenating cream.

DRESDNER ESSENZ® Creme Body Cream Peony + Wild Rose Lavender (6ml)
Retail Price: S$25 (200ml) + S$29 (100ml)
DRESDNER ESSENZ® is made by LI-IL GmbH since 1910, and become the most favorable skincare brand in Germany. The body cream with natural active ingredients can protect your skin against moisture loss and makes it as supple as velvet. Your skin will feel more relaxed and look healthier. The body oil is not greasy and can be easily absorbed by the skin.  The pleasing fragrance has a harmonizing effect and will brighten your mood. It can also be used as SPA massage oil. Directions: Massage the body oil into dry skin or damp skin after a shower or bath.
My Initial Reaction: I’m a sucker for body creams/butters/lotions and so these two sachets of goodness were very appealing to me.

Review Express: I first tried the Wild Rose Lavender body oil and man! It really brings the SPA ambiance. I like that it’s oil but not greasy, I was like, “What? How?!” 

Then I tried the body cream and it smells so deliciously fruity. It’s quickly absorbed by my skin leaving it smooth and supple in an instant. Love both of them!

SKINOLOGY Sensitive Treatment Mask 1piece
Retail Price: S$10
SKINOLOGY is a Fashion Guide brand in Taiwan. It utilizes 100% pure cotton which can protect the sensitive skin with soft texture. A blend of soothing ingredients can calm the visibly redness, leaving the skin feel comfortable, soothed and moisturized. It’s especially ideal for sunburned and damaged skin. After continuous uses, your skin will be more healthy and balanced.
My Initial Reaction: The fact that it’s called “Sensitive Treatment Mask” really caught my attention. I’ve been experiencing unexplainable redness at some areas of my face for no apparent reasons, so hopefully this mask would help.


Morigarden Magnolia Moisturizing Sun Protect Cream SPF15 PA++ 5ml
Retail Price: S$31 (50ml)
The sun-protective formulation is specially selected from Japan and makes it more effective. The cream is not greasy and can be easily smoothed onto the skin. Magnolia ingredients with a pleasing fragrance can moisturize and prevent skin-aging. It also contains Aloe Vera extract and organic Hazelnut Oil with outstanding soothing and repairing effects. We kindly suggest you to keep it refrigerated and use it up quickly after opening.

My Initial Reaction: At first, I thought it’s a tea bag, but when I tore it open, of course it isn’t. I was easily enthralled by this tiny jar of cream because first it’s from Japan and second it’s a moisturizer with SPF.

Review Express: When I tried it, I didn’t feel anything special about it and the scent, oh no! It turned me off. I was thinking that it’s probably because I didn’t refrigerate it right away but whatever is the reason, I’m not inlove with this cream.

Did you find anything interesting in this box? If you’d like to get it, here’s the link where you can back purchase August 2013 Box: 

Disclaimer: I was sent these boxes for free but I don’t get paid to review them nor have obligations to give positive feedback.  All my opinions in this article are based on my personal experiences and honest judgment of the product/s tested and reviewed.

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