An Unforeseen Love Affair with Jacqueline Burchell Nail Laquer (Singapore)

10:39 AM

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a beautiful Monday morning like I do. I’m currently having my morning coffee (ooops! Did I say coffee? I guess I did… long story – let’s talk about it next time… ♪♫ lalalalala ♫♪) and my cheese whiz sandwich, and thought I’d share with you my very recent love affair with Jacqueline Burchell! It’s a nail polish, okay?!

I first showed it here and I didn’t expect to like it this much! If there’s one thing a totally suck at, that’s none other than painting my nails. I sometimes think how come I can draw yet I can’t paint my nails beautifully let alone, properly?! I mean, I know how to color but how come when I paint my nails I always go beyond the borders, goodness-gracious!

So when I got a nail polish in my loot last month, I had a mixture of “wow” and “uh-oh” in my mind. My first impression with this nail polish was not that good if you can remember. It strongly smells of paint thinner in my opinion despite its claim of being free of toluene. I also have never used anything this glittery for my nails in the past especially because I was never that adventurous when it comes to my nails. As you can see, we clearly started off on the wrong foot.

Last week while my husband was playing DOTA on his laptop, I decided to paint my nails and to my surprise, I reached for this one without giving it much thought. So there I was, painting my nails and complaining a little bit (or maybe a lot, I really can’t remember, lol) about its scent, the fact that it has these chunks of glitters making it a tad messy to apply, and to top it all, my very poor skills in painting my nails. While in the process of completing my masterpiece (a decent-looking painted nails at the very least), I noticed how it dried up so quickly I didn’t need to bother with a fast-dry top coat. After an hour (like seriously? yeah, unfortunately. *drop shoulders – sigh*) of painting my nails on both hands, I looked at them with… a surprising amazement. They look gorgeous! This nail lacquer is amazing! I think I need to stock up on this because it seriously made me a little (cough-cough) proud of myself after seeing how stunning it looks on my nails. Even my husband, who is well aware of how badly I struggle in the manicure-pedicure department, gave me a word of praise for this very unexpected beautiful piece of art, #LOL.

I am seriously thinking of purchasing the full-size version but might go with a different color. I still don’t know! This red looks gorgeous, I know, but if you’ve read Jen’s Manicure Monday where she featured one of Deborah Lippman glitter polishes, you will understand my interest in checking the other color options.

So, if you’re from Singapore and interested to get your hands on any of the Jacqueline Burchell nail lacquers, simply click here. And NO, baby! This is in no way a sponsored post and I’m not gonna get a single cent from that link – although I wish I am, but really I am not, hahaha. #defensivemuch


There you have it, lovelies! What’s your craziest nail-painting experience? And what nail polish made your heart go “boom-boom-paw” the second you laid your eyes on it or the moment it touched your nails? Let me know!

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