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Hi everyone! Anyone missed me? Anyone? No one?!!! Whaaaatttttt?!!!!! End of the world for me. :(

Hurhur! Kidding aside, I miss all of you! I miss blogging and putting up videos on YouTube which is why I’m here with my comeback video. Hoorah!

I hope you don't skip the video but if you did, I mentioned in the video the reason why I’ve been MIA for a while. A lot of things happened. My sister got hospitalized, we moved to a new house and we went back to the Philippines. We were there for almost a month and it’s so much fun! While we were there, I, of course, did a little bit of shopping which means I’ll be doing a ton of hauls for this blog and my YouTube channel. And here goes the first of my many hauls to come!

Since I've already talked about these items in the video, I'll just be showing you the photos here and won't blabber much about 'em - just another way to say that I'm a lazy blogger, hehe. 

Alright! Maybe I'll blabber a little... just a little. Hoho! <3

I got these shoes for such a great deal. Individually, they cost PHP299 but if you buy two pairs, you get one pair for only PHP199 - 2 pairs of flats for only PHP400! How can I pass up on such a good bargain?! That's why I got myself not only two but four pairs, hohoho!

FRONT (499.75 PHP)
I bought two pairs of short-shorts because my old ones are... well, old, hahaha! And it's been years since I bought new shorts. I'm really not a shopaholic and I rarely shop for clothes, so I guess it's just right that I treat myself to these two beautiful and lovely shorts. Don't you just love the colors I chose?! They're so spring-ish and summer-ry! I LOVE EM!!!

For some reason I got drawn to this tees the first time I saw it. I don't know what's with it that I wanted so bad to have it. Got it for 499.75 php. I still don't know when I'm gonna wear it though, and where to. 

I simply can't wait to use this denim-looking jacket! I love how it fits on me and I love the color. I'm so happy I bought this. I got it for only PHP 599.75 - what a steal, right?

And how can I not have this hoodie jacket? I love me some pink hoodie jacket! Oh yeah! Bought it for PHP 899.75.

Lastly, I got myself a dress that I can wear to work. I'm gonna go back to the employment world real soon that's why I bought this, hehe. 

And that's it, folks! Have you gone shopping lately? What's your recent purchases? Let me know! And oh! Thanks for reading. :)

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