2nd and Still Counting!

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Up to this very moment, that day when I first saw my husband face to face is still fresh in my mind. I can still remember the very first word that came out of his mouth: “Hi.”

Who would have guessed that from a very meek introduction, an amazing link would be born and would even surpass all the ins and outs of relationships?

this is the cover of our wedding photo album
photos and videos were taken by no other than Digital Picman
photo grabbed from: http://www.digitalpicman.com/2011/07/godwyn-rebecca-nuptials-photo/

7 years and 8 months later, here we are now; a happily married couple who just celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary on the 16th of June.

Wait a minute!!! Did I say June? Ooops!

Oh Yeah, this entry should have been posted last month, but what can I do? I was overwhelmed by the fact that my husband is overly awesome that I forgot to do a lot of things last month. LOL

So how did we celebrate this special occasion? Well, unlike last year, we didn't travel to a beautiful resort to celebrate it. 

Unfortunately, he had to work on that specific date while I had a gig (I did the makeup of these wonderful girls here). So, I decided to surprise him with this gigantic DIY card when he comes home from work a night before our exact anniv date.

As expected, he’s not that surprised because he knew that I’d surely do something like this for him, LOL. But it made him smile and I knew that he’s happy.

On 16th of June, he went to work and I went to my gig. After his long day at work, he fetched me from our friends’ house and gave me this:

I also was not that surprised because I knew that he’d buy me something, hahaha, but it definitely made me so happy. We didn’t do anything extraordinary that night. We just went home, ate dinner and slept happily together because he still had work the next day.

But you know what? Despite the lack of “extra-something-ness” on our wedding anniv, I still smile every time I think about it. It’s the thought that we’re still madly in love with each other that makes me so damn happy despite the absence of grandiose celebration and extravagant gifts. 

How about you? What makes you happy? <3

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