I Have A Secret!

8:45 PM

Photo taken by my lovely and charming hubby
Shhh... I have a secret!

Hmmm... alright! I'll tell you but let's keep it to ourselves, okay? *shy grin*

I'm turning 29 tomorrow (11th July, Thursday)!!! IKR!!! I'm an old lady already. :( But tell me, do I look 29 here?  

Anyway, I don't know yet what my hubby and I are going to do tomorrow but for sure I'm going to do the laundry first before anything else because the basket is already full, lol. 

And oh, another secret! Look at what my hubby bought me as a birthday present:

My New Baby!!!
Thanks Daddy for this amazing gift! <333
I can't wait to play with this baby foREAL! I have dabbled on it right after we've set it up but that's it. I really haven't sat down and seriously played some good music with it. I will in just a few days. Just thinking about it already gives me shivers of excitement, yay!!!

As an end note: I wish that all of you are having such a fabulous day today and tomorrow because I'm not sure when I'll be back here to update, (what's new, becca?) lol. Stay safe and blessed, everyone! And always smile because you are all beautiful. <3

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