My Busy Saturday

6:55 PM

Hi everyone!

How was your Saturday? Mine's a little bit busy. It all started with the laundry coz it's Saturday, surprise surprise! 

 Then I made us some French toast for breakfast. 

By the time I finished hanging all the clothes, it's already time for lunch, but I didn't bother prepping for it coz we've made plans to go out to do a little bit of shopping for our upcoming Korea getaway. 

It's our first time at Changi City Point and exploring it was really fun yet very tiring. I also like the interior design of this mall, too bad I forgot to take some photos. 

We decided to have a light lunch at the food court and here's our view.

After almost three hours of roaming around, browsing and deciding which stall has the better version of what we need, we ended taking home these 5 plastic bags of goodies. Stay tuned for an upcoming haul.

It's almost 9pm when we arrived home. We didn't eat dinner coz we didn't really feel like eating. We were more of exhausted than hungry.

Before retiring to my bed, I first collected all our clothes from where I hung them outside, cleansed my face of makeup, did my nightly skincare routine and watched The Voice of the Philippines on TFC channel. 

photo credits to SOURCE

To my dear readers, what made you busy yesterday? If you also blogged about it, make sure to leave me the link to your blogpost. ^_^

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