TWININGS OF LONDON: The Tea Experience!

10:15 AM

Hi everyone!

Ever since I gave up my love affair with coffee, I’ve been on the quest for finding the perfect drink that would replace it. I’m not making this post today because I’ve finally found it. I’m writing this entry because I want to share with you what I’ve stumbled upon while I’m on my hunt. This:

If you’re going to talk to me about “drinking tea” a year ago, you’d definitely be talking to someone who is clearly not interested and would never ever, even in the next 10 years, try to drink tea. But things have changed, and I’m now open to the health benefits and calming effects of drinking tea.

A couple weeks ago, we bought our groceries and I finally had the courage to pick up a green tea pack. Before I could even put it in our basket, my hubby suggested why don’t I try this one from Twinings first since it’s gonna be my first time to really drink tea. Yeah, because I’ve been drinking milk tea over the past weeks but it’s not like, you know the real tea. I only bought a pack of 30 sachets of milk tea as my transition to drinking the real one, if you get what I mean. So I picked this up because it says “Green Tea & Apple” and I like apples.

I tried it the next day and after my first sip, oh boy, it’s really not my cup of tea. I mean it’s bitter… for me. I’ve really never tried drinking the teabag-teas (that’s how I wanna call it), so my initial reaction was, “it’s bitter and I don’t like it.” But I thought, I can’t just give up like that. It may have just tasted bitter only because it’s my first time. So I convinced myself to try it again but I needed to sweeten it up a bit. And because we didn’t have honey, I decided to use sugar for the time being just to make it a tad sweeter. I tasted it again and thought, “hmmm it’s not really that bad”.

One thing I noticed is that its aftertaste is apple-ish and so is its aroma (that's why it's green tea & apple, duh!). I was able to finish it up and oh boy did I feel good right after my last sip! It’s like “SUCCESS!” And also, it’s true that drinking tea can really give that kind of warmth which I normally only feel when I’m at peace. It also gave that calming feeling and it just felt so good! No wonder why many people prefer tea over coffee when they want to relax. Even though tea also has a bit of caffeine, it doesn’t make me that perky, instead it relaxes me. And even when drunk at night, it doesn’t keep me awake unlike coffee.

This Twinings of London Green Tea & Apple contains 25 tea bags. I bought it for a little below 7 Sgd (sorry, I’ve thrown away the receipt already) at FairPrice. I’ve been drinking this for the past 5 days, mostly in the mornings and I like how it helps with my digestion. It also helps set the mood for the day. Once I’ve finished this all up, I won’t stop until I find the perfect tea to replace my morning coffee habit. I never thought I’d be like this and I’m happy because it feels so right! I’m proud to say that I’ve finally had the tea experience and I want more!

How about you readers? Are you a tea drinker? If yes, please leave me a comment of your favorite tea so I can put it in my “TEA TO TRY” list. *wink wink*  

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  1. I love tea! In fact, I have an obsession! haha
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much for dropping by. I visited your blog and it's wonderful! I see that you love to cook. I went ahead and followed your blog. <3

  2. I'm a tea lover for over a decade. But two among the teas I've fallen in love with are Twinings Lemon & Ginger and Chamomile Night Blend. I guess Twinings London are just one among the top tea manufacturers in the public market.

    1. Thanks Mark for sharing your fave teas! I saw that lemon & ginger variant when I picked up the green tea & apple one. I'll try that one next time then the chamomile night blend. Thank you very much for your recommendations! :)


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