Friday, September 23, 2016

[PRODUCT REVIEW] POND’S Acne Clear White Multi Action Facial Foam + Scrub

Hello there! If you’re new to this side of the interweb, welcome and I hope you enjoy my blog! ^_^

In one of my previous posts (Is My Long Hiatus Over?), I mentioned that I recently visited my hometown and while I was there, my face, as usual, decided to torture me again with its tantrums. This means the facial wash I brought along with me would not suffice to calm the storm on my face. So when we went to SM Supermarket to treat my mom to a month-worth of groceries, I also scavenged for a facial cleanser and here’s what sparked my interest to try: 

PRODUCT: POND’S Acne Clear White Multi Action Facial Foam + Scrub

PRICE: Less than 100PHP (sorry can’t remember the exact price)

STORE: SM SuperMarket

LOCATION: Lipa Batangas

OVERALL RATING: 4/5 hearts 


If it’s your first time here, I mentioned in my past entries that I have an acne-prone, sensitive and oily-combo skin. My skin can easily get messed up as a reaction to new skincare products. I tend to get lots of pimples from lack of sleep, from stress and from having my monthly period. I’m used to it and have lived with it. In our recent trip to the Philippines, not only did I fail to have enough amount of sleep, I also did have my monthly visit, and so my face was… well, a disaster.

Whenever I try new skincare products especially when my face is already a mess, I don’t really expect anything dramatic to happen. I just expect it to, at the very least, NOT irritate my skin because when you have an active breakout, the least thing you would want for your skin is something to aggravate its already not-so-good condition. Good thing, this facial wash played nicely with my skin.

In the label it says, “oil-absorbing herbal clay.” That probably explains its color and texture.

Notice the microbeads? Gentle but effective scrub!

It claims to have Salicylic Acid, which is known for its acne-fighting power, and Brightening Essence, which is responsible for brightening the skin after a certain amount of using this product.

Despite these labels, I didn’t really see a significant reduction in my pimples during the first week of using it. What I noticed though was its gentle touch to my skin. I enjoyed using it because it felt so good on my skin and it really washes away all the dirt. I also observed that my skin felt smooth and baby-like after every wash, which is actually a very wonderful thing if you’d ask me. A small amount goes a long way with this product and it really lathers well.

Did it help with my breakout?Nope. Not really but for the first week of using it, I didn’t see any new pimples coming out. It also helped calm my skin, which was what I actually needed at that time. However, during my second week of using it, my skin was back to producing new bad boys and there’s nothing this facial cleanser can do about it but just calm my skin, that’s it.

So I guess its Salicylic Acid content was not enough to combat the Acne production powers of my skin. I must mention, however, that a few days of using this facial wash did help to brighten up my skin and I even observed that my skin was less oily compared to how it normally was prior to trying this product.

PROS (based on my experience)

1. Foams up very quickly

2. Very gentle on my skin 

3. Has this tiny beads that really help scrub my face

4. Really helps reduce excess oil

5. Helped calm my skin when it was at its worst

6. Brightens up my skin

7. Affordable

CONS (for me)

1. The packaging - because I would have liked it better if it has a pump for easier dispensing of product and for sanitary purposes.

2. Its claims to "instantly act on blackheads and whiteheads" can be a little disappointing - because in my experience, it's NOT instant.


Absolutely! It’s a good product. I can commend it for how effective it cleanses my face and how gentle it is on my skin. It doesn’t strip away the moisture from my skin but leaves it soft and smooth which is incredibly amazing for a facial wash that helps absorb oil.

I would love to if I can find it here in Singapore. I would repurchase it not for what it claims but for what I experienced from using it.


YES! I believe everyone needs a dependable facial cleanser and this one really delivers. Just don’t expect too much from its claim to fight acne, blackheads and whiteheads instantly so you won’t get disappointed if it doesn’t give you the results you want in that particular area. Other than that, I can really say, based on experience, that this is a very good product to try and keep on your bathroom sink.  


Monday, September 19, 2016

ANNIE THE BROADWAY MUSICAL: My First Musical Broadway Experience Courtesy of TheWickeRmoss

Wait! This is not a review of the Broadway Musical, ANNIE. If you’re browsing the Internet right now, looking for an in-depth review of ANNIE, sorry, you’ve clicked on the wrong page. But since you’re already here, let me help you out. This is where you need to go -->> ANNIE THE BROADWAYMUSICAL: NOW PLAYING AT MASTERCARD THEATRES MARINA BAY SANDS SINGAPORE [REVIEW& MEDIA CALL SNIPPETS] You’re welcome.


I’m pretty sure, I haven’t told you yet but when I was eleven, I got to be a part of a Musical. Really, huh? Hey! Before you raise your eyebrows on me, hear me out first, okay? Of course it’s not the Musical you’re thinking but it was a concert where there were lots of singing, throwing of scripts/lines, switching off and on of the lights to alter the stage settings and changing of costumes. Yes, the props, costumes, cast, etc. weren’t as grand as that of a Musical Broadway but hey, it’s one of the best childhood memories that I’d never ever forget. 

In fact, I never thought I’d get to experience something like that ever again until TheWickeRmoss stepped into my life. <<insert blushing grinning emoticon here>>

She's got some good highlighter going there while I got some oil slick on mah face? Unfair. Just unfair. LOL
If you’re new to my blog, I have mentioned TheWickeRmoss (aka Charles aka FairyGodMother) quite a few times already and I’m just so blessed to have her in my life. We’re not the typical friends who get to see each other and hang out very often. In fact, it was only very recently that we’ve gotten back to keeping in touch regularly after not talking for years. Yes, years! Relax, okay? Nope, we didn’t fight or anything. We both just got very busy with work and life. But you know what’s amazing? Despite the 2+ years gap, it’s like we’re never apart when we saw each other again. Nothing changed! Oh! My bad. Of course, something changed. She became even prettier and sexier than the last time (2+ years ago) I saw her. How can life be so unfair?!! Now, she has that beautiful abs while I have my incurable flabs. No laughing, please.

Already scratching your head because you don't know where I'm going with this? Hey! Isn’t this how friends talk to each other? <<insert wide grin>> Alright, alright! What I just wanted to say is that because of Charles, TheWickeRmoss, I got the awesome chance of watching ANNIE The Broadway Musical at Mastercard Theatres Marina Bay Sands on 25th August and man was that amazingggg! To say that I freakin’ enjoyed the show is an obvious understatement. 

Not only did it bring back those precious childhood memories of myself rushing to the dressing room to change my costume for the next number, it also reminded me of how I badly wanted before to pursue Theater Arts. Memories, memories, memories…

You know what? The night prior to that day, I didn’t get any sleep at all. No exaggeration. That’s why I wasn’t sure if I would be able to last without getting sleepy during the whole show. Amazingly, I succeeded in staying awake for the whole duration of the play. That’s how amazing the show was. Every number made me very excited, anxious for their next song. Their blocking was just… argh, perfect! The way they threw lines at each other was such a marvel to watch. And ANNIE? Oh Annie! She's just sooo... INSPIRING. Her smile was contagious and her laughter was out of this world. Even if you’re at your darkest hour, hearing her laughter will bring you from darkness to light. Alright, that’s an exaggeration. Or maybe not? Haha, ‘coz that’s probably how I felt when I was watching it.

If my words matter, I guarantee that it's definitely a show for everyone 'coz everyone will learn a thing or two from it. It talks about not losing hope. Probably a cliché to some of you but hey! When you’re about to give up on whatever you’re going through, it always helps when you see something or someone that reminds you to hold on just a little longer, a little tighter until you make it, right? Sometimes, whether we admit it or not, what we only need is a reminder that.. the sun will come out tomorrow and every thing is going to be fine.

Say HELLO to my shiny face hahaha
Oh! I forgot to mention that we arrived a tad too early for the show, so we roamed around MBS first to kill time. We dropped by at Bath & Body Works and also looked at KAT VON D's makeup line in Sephora.

The Unplanned KAT VON D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Swatches with TheWickeRmoss
And... I vlogged! Ah-huh. I vlogged that day but the video is in my mother language (again). In case you wanna take a peek though, here it is:

0:4:29 - Becca is ready to go!

0:6:37 - Introducing TheWickeRmoss
0:7:51 - At Bath & Body Works
0:8:44 - KAT VON D Swatches
0:10:52 - ANNIE (Broadway Musical)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

[PRODUCT REVIEW] BYS Velvet Lips Liquid Lipstick (Creme Brulee) First Impression Demo & Review

I don’t know if I have mentioned this fact clearly here on my blog but I have very dry and chappy lips. That is the reason why I own a lot of lip balms and lip moisturizers because I need them badly and I abuse them like crazy. That said, I still want to try matte lip products from time to time because I, too, have been enthralled by its appeal. 

Speaking of matte lip products, about 3 weeks ago, I uploaded on my YouTube channel my FirstImpression Demo & Review of BYS Velvet Lips Liquid Lipstick in Crème Brulee and I thought I’d share my thoughts about it here on my blog as well, since my video is in my mother language (Filipino/Tagalog). I’m sorry about that. I’ll add the English subtitles soon.

By the way, I bought these liquid lipsticks from SM Department Store SM Batangas when my hubby and I went back to the Philippines two months ago. I got it for 399.00PHP.

My Initial Thoughts (right after application)
  • I first noticed how nice the packaging looks and how trustworthy it is. You can leave it not fully sealed and yet there will be no spillage of product.
  • The finish is really velvety hence the name.
  • It really is kiss-proof!
  • Although I naturally have dry lips, I noticed that my lips were literally drying up all the more during the application and this was when I already moisturized my lips prior to trying this product.
  • It dries matte on the lips and I feel like it is transfer-proof because of the fact that it dries up so fast on the lips. Hmmm...

Update after 2 hours (from time of application)
*Please note that I had my lunch prior to this update.
  • It started flaking off and was still very drying on my lips.
  • It’s not as long-lasting as I had hoped for it to be.
  • Because it’s almost gone, I had to re-apply the lipstick 

Update after 3.5 hours (from time of re-application)
  • I barely had product left on my lips and I didn’t actually do anything other than drank water and licked my lips once in a while.

Here are my Final Thoughts (PROS and CONS)

  1. The packaging really got me hooked. I like how sturdy and dependable it is. (*but I don’t fancy the applicator – it’s hard for me to work with)
  2. I like the color very much. It’s another MLBB lip product and I always love MLBB lippies.
  3. The finish is velvety, very nice on the lips. It was very easy to apply as it glided on ever so smoothly on my lips and I really like that.
  4. Kiss-proof after you applied it.
  5. Straight Matte.
  6. Affordable. 

  1. I honestly find it drying on my lips. Yes, I have dry lips but I made sure to prepare my lips well before trying on this product but it still made my lips very very dry.
  2. When I ate, it transferred on the rim of my cup/glass or basically whatever I put in between my lips. In short: DON’T EAT WHEN YOU WEAR THIS. (evil-ish laugh)
  3. It’s not long-lasting for me.
  4. Once my lips got wet (which is freaking impossible not to), it starts to flake off. So HOW?!!!! Tell me HOW!!!

Do I recommend this product?
I’d still say YES because the CONS I have derived from trying this product the first time might not be the same for everyone. If I’d base my decision on the PROS alone, I could really say that it’s a great product. It could be that my lips are just too dry or that I was not able to apply the product properly that’s why it didn’t work for me that well the first time I tried it, but I’m going to give it another go until I master the art of putting it on and until I find a way to work around all the CONS I mentioned here. 


Have you tried this liquid lipstick from BYS? How was it? Share your thoughts! 

Monday, September 12, 2016


It was already gloomy since morning here in Singapore and now it’s pouring outside. When the weather is like this, it’s really nice to stay at home, get cozy under the blanket, watch some movie or maybe read a book while sipping on a hot cup of coco! I probably should go and make myself one now, but before I go, I just want to share with you my comeback video on YouTube. 

It’s a Haul video and even though it’s in my mother language, I still thought you might be interested to know the things I got when my hubby and I visited the Philippines two months ago.

Here are the products I showed and mentioned in the video:

* LOL Smudgeproof / Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner - Php 159.00

* E.L.F. Eyebrow Treat and Tame - Php 259.75
* E.L.F. Blush Brush - Php 269.75
* E.L.F. BB Cream - Php 449.75

* EB Advance Perfect Eye Concealer - Php 100.00
* EB Advance Make-up Foundation - Php 145.00

* BYS Concealer Duo - Php 299.00

* BYS Brow Gel in 01 Bold Brunette - Php 399.00

* BYS Velvet Lips Liquid Lipstick - Php 399.00

* BYS Max Volume Blackest Black Mascara - Php 599.00

* BYS Contour Trio - Php 449.00

* BYS Conceal & Correct in 01 Camouflage - Php 449.00

* BYS Matte Bronze - Php 329.00

* BYS Makeup Setting Spray - Php 599.00

What’s cool was the promo they had at that time. If the total price of the products I purchased amounts to Php 1500 and above in a single receipt, I just need to get one Watsons qualifying product and I’d get a makeup bag. The saleslady assisting me that time was really nice that she made sure I get to pay my items in two batches so I’d get not just one free makeup bag but two! I just forgot to take a photo of the makeup bags, hihi. 

Here are the two Watsons qualifying products that I purchased to get the free makeup bag (can't remember where I saved my photos of these two):

* Watsons Gel Body Scrub - Php 89.00
* Watsons BodyXpert Hair Inhibitor Lotion - Php 99.00

She also gave me BYS freebies. Awesome, right?!
So far, I’ve only tried BYS Velvet Lips Liquid Lipstick in Crème Brulee, E.L.F. Eyebrow Treat and Tame and the BYS Contour Trio. I want to do a first impression review on the majority of these products that’s why I haven’t used/tried most of them. Speaking of, I’ve posted on YouTube my first impression review on BYS Velvet Lips Liquid Lipstick in case you wanna know my thoughts on it.


What’s your recent purchase? Let me know in the comments.