Friday, May 26, 2017


Today, I’ll be sharing with you my review of BYS BROW GEL in the shade: 01 Bold Brunette. If you’re a subscriber to my YouTube Channel, you’d know that I’ve already uploaded a First Impression Demo & Review of this brow product last year but now, I want to give you my in-depth review as I have used it for several months already. 


Product Name: BYS BROW GEL
Price: PHP 399.00

The clear glass-like plastic pot contains 2grams of brow product. They carry 4 shades namely: 01 Bold Brunette, 02 Natural Brown, 03 A Blonde’s Bestfriend, and 04 Knock Out Black. Although I bought mine from SM Department Store, you can also purchase this product online. If you're from the Philippines and you just want to get it online, it is also available on Zalora website.


Since my husband and I are based here in Singapore, I have made it a habit, whenever we visit the Philippines, to purchase (or sometimes “hoard” - haha) some makeup products especially those that I can’t find here. So when I was shopping last year, the very nice and helpful saleslady showed this brow product to me and I got really curious because I have heard a lot about brow pomades but I haven’t really tried any. The saleslady happened to be wearing it on her eyebrows on that particular day and I really liked how natural it looks on her, so I thought, “if my brows would look like hers just by using this product, then why not?!!!”  And there it jumped into my basket.


MY REVIEW (after months of using it)

At first, I didn’t really think that the shade would match my eyebrows but it amazingly did. I also thought that since it’s a brow pomade, I might have difficulty applying it on my brows, but I was so wrong! The application went really smoothly the first time I tried it and it even surprised me that the built-in brush was working so perfectly fine, too! I’m used to applying brow products with an angled brush but the built-in one of BYS Brow Gel works just as fine as any of my angled brushes. I love that I don’t need a lot of product for every use because it is very creamy and incredibly pigmented. It also doesn’t take long to set and when it does set, it doesn’t budge anymore. Yes, I’m blessed to have visible brows with or without product but I still need to enhance them whenever I need to go out for a more defined and put-together look.

I have been using this brow gel/pomade for more than 6 months now but I’m not even half-way through its container so I’m not exaggerating when I say that a little really goes a looong way. It is very long-lasting so I don't have to touch-up on my brows when I'm wearing this. I also love how travel-friendly this product is! It can easily fit whatever makeup pouch I’m going to bring when I travel because of its size, and because it has its own brush-- that’s one less makeup tool I have to carry. 

I highly recommend this brow gel to anyone who is thinking of trying a new and different brow product but have no idea what and which to buy or basically to all of you who simply want to elevate your brow game because seriously, purchasing this amazing brow product is truly one of the best makeup-related decisions I’ve ever done in my life and I couldn’t be happier that I own a BYSBROW GEL.


So, I’m wondering… Have you tried this brow product? Or are you contemplating on buying one? I would love to know your thoughts!

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