TRUE FITNESS: A Bad First Impression and An Unforgettable First GYM Experience

7:04 PM

Hey everyone! How’s your Saturday so far? Mine’s a little gloomy because it’s raining outside and my dear husband is at work which makes me home alone right now. Good thing, I’m great at entertaining myself whenever I’m alone which is why I very rarely get bored. Hahaha.

So today’s blog is about my very recent trip to the Gym. Yep! After years of wondering how it really feels like to work out in a gym, I finally had the taste of it and it’s… quite fun, although I have to say that a certain event pissed me off a little. Hahaha. If ever you’re wondering, nope, it’s not really my first trip to a gym. My first was like 5 years ago, back in my homeland and it’s at Fitness First. I tagged along with my friend who actually signed up for a membership at that time.

As for my recent trip to the gym, I did not sign up for their membership. You'll learn later why. Also, I wanted to really think about it because I don’t want my monthly fee to go to waste. If you’re confused, let me enlighten you. Working out has never been my thing, although I wanted it to be. So before signing up for a gym membership, I wanted to be able to really assess the gravity of my desire to work out first. If I’m going to pay for a monthly fee, I want to make sure that I can commit to going to the gym at least twice a month or else, it wouldn’t be worth it.

So here’s how our trip went down. Last Thursday - 31st October, our friends who are also my husband’s officemates invited us to work out with them at True Fitness - Suntec. They’re all members of the said gym because that’s one of their company’s perks. I’m the only one in the bunch who doesn’t have a membership card. Good thing, I can sign up for a free trial. It says on their site that I’d be contacted shortly by one of their reps regarding my free trial registration. Daisy from their Chevron Office called me up in a few minutes and arranged the appointment. She's pretty nice and polite over the phone, but she was very straightforward as she immediately asked me if I have a credit card, which I guess was, of course, for the membership. Hmmmm. Anyway, she said she needed to meet me there so she can discuss their membership plans to me, which is very much understandable. I know that it’s really how things work. So I had no issues with that whatsoever.

So I went for their “so called” free trial with no obligations and there we were, making our entrance to their gym at around 3:30-ish. Daisy was there and ushered us to a room with round tables and chairs. We sat there for a while and listened to her as she explained how much their memberships (one club and all-club) are. I made it clear from the very beginning that I’d see for myself first if I would want to sign up right there and then after I’ve seen and explored the gym. She smiled but I don’t think she really understood me. You’ll know why later.

So she toured me inside and by inside, I mean the Female Area which consists of the lockers, toilets, shower, steam room and changing area. And that’s basically it. 

After changing into our workout attires, the husband and I explored the gym by hopping from one workout machine to another. We’re like kids playing in a big playground or no, maybe butterflies in a huge garden. #LOL.

I think almost two hours have gone by, and we’re done. I know that Daisy will talk to me again right after but I didn’t expect her attitude. She looked at me and sent me the signal to come with her back to the room where she first brought us when we entered. The way she did that was like I’m her employee and I should go to her office because she’s going to scold me. But I let that go easily. I thought, “No biggie. After all, I think she’s nice.”

But that’s just what I thought. She started again with the membership, so I told her straight away that it’s not that I don’t want to sign up with them, it’s just that I didn’t want to sign up at that very moment. I wanted to be able to go home and think about my experience and from there decide if I will sign up or not. I didn’t want to be rushed into making a decision on the spot. I thought that was pretty elaborate, don’t you think? She definitely didn’t think so because that’s where the conversation started to heat up. She continued to sell their membership despite my clear answer and I understand that she’s probably just doing her job but the way she’s doing it was starting to get me really annoyed at that point. She persistently asked me why I didn’t want to sign up despite my explanation earlier. So I also mentioned about my interest in checking out other gyms because that’s my right as a customer, then she started comparing theirs to the gym I mentioned. I mean c’mon! Was that even necessary?! I even mentioned that if I were to sign up for a membership it is most probably going to be with them because my hubby is already a member there, so why on earth should she still insist that I do it on that day? Why oh why?!!! She kept telling me that the price of the membership might change the following month and even mentioned that it’s the last day to enter the raffle draw to win a car. Wh-what?! What’s that supposed to do with me signing up? Didn’t she get that I was not interested in any of those? That all I really wanted at that time was for her to let me go so I can make my decision out of genuine interest and not because I was pressured? She even called her manager to step in. My goodness!! Her manager was actually nice by the way. A soft-spoken guy who explained everything and though he obviously also wanted to pitch a sale, I didn’t feel like he’s forcing the membership to my face, but Daisy? She totally changed how I look at True Fitness in an instant! I was like 80% convinced to sign up before she even talked to me, I just really wanted to do it on my schedule and not on theirs, but because of her insensitive, incessant sales talk, I don’t feel like signing up for them anymore. Is this what their NO OBLIGATIONS mantra really mean? That yes, you can sign up for a free trial but you MUST sign up for their membership ON THAT SAME DAY? WHAT?!!! 

Too bad because I really liked all the workout equipment I found inside their gym but it’s just their sales and customer service that completely turned me off. How I wish, she was not that pushy. I could have signed up the next day if she didn’t talk to me like that. Sigh.

On the brighter side, we ate at The Manhattan Fish Market after working out (talk about diet, hahaha!) and the food was truly delish! 

I seriously fell in love with their Sweet Alabama drink – tasted like heaven! 

And to end a not so good day at the gym, we watched THOR: The Dark World at Golden Village -->>my favorite movie house here in Singapore simply because I love their nachos, hahaha, but seriously I really do! And that’s it, folks!


Readers, if you’re from Singapore, do you have a good GYM recommendation?  And did you happen to also experience something like this from True Fitness? I’m anxious to know…

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  1. I signed up at Slimmer's World in Ayala, and the Sales guy told me that I need a trainer, and he was so pushy to sign me up, so I did. I went there several times but there are no trainers to assist me. My membership was put to waste because I don't want to go back there ever again.

    1. Awww :( that's even worse than what I experienced. I'm so sorry to hear about that. I hope they would all just stop with their pushy ways just to get a sale. It's just so unfair. :(

      Anyway, would it be possible to maybe set up an appointment with them so you can be sure that a trainer will be there when you drop by? I really hope you can still work it out with them. I feel so bad for your membership. :(

  2. Hi I recommend celebrity fitness in downtown east the manager and most consultants are filipinos they are not pushy.they also have 7 day trial with no obligations.It has high standard equipments and classes.One of their must try class is the floating yoga. I also love attending trx and seduce dancing class. If you want to get the best offer look for the manager named "mark" and qoute sweetdestiny blog.

    1. Wow! That's great! Do you still go there? Maybe we can meet up when I finally decide to drop by. This is the first time I've heard of that gym but since you said they have great equipment and dance classes, I'll be very happy to check it out. Thanks so much for the info and the "best offer promo code" - Yay! Thanks thanks! <3

  3. I go to EnergyOne at SAFRA Jurong. Very polite staff who didn't push a single thing. Awesome equipment and shower facilities with Steam Room and Jacuzzi available for members. It is not very crowded so its quite a cosy environment.

    1. Hi Charlene! Thanks for your recommendation. I used to live in Jurong West but now I'm in the East area. Do you know if they have branches in other parts of Singapore? I would love to check them out especially after what you described. Yay! Thanks again! <3

  4. True fitness is really bullshit the staff dnt know how to talk even they dnt have manners at all
    If u r foigner never take membership of True fitness

  5. STAY AWAY FROM TRUE FITNESS! The company is a big scam and will do anything to take money from you, including lying to you with no remorse
    When my husband and I were getting our membership, we specifically asked for the diplomatic clause, knowing we might leave. The consultant then went on to offer us a package that I have now found out does not carry the diplomatic clause. Stupid me for believing what he told me and being one of those people who signed the agreement without reading all the fine print.
    Also, on the same occasion, when signing the same contract, I asked about a refurbishment that I knew was scheduled: "are you closing the whole gym, or doing it in stages?", I asked. I got the answer I wanted of "closing in stages", only to come to the gym one day and find that the gym was shut for the next 3 months, no warning given.
    Sorry for the long post, but I do hope this avoids any of you getting cheated and lied by the company like I was.

  6. Nice fitteness tips and have a nice gym consulting services
    keep posting

  7. My husband and I got a “FREE” couple of weeks at True Fitness in Bangkok at Asoke. The day we went in, a seemingly very nice young gentleman came to speak to us and gave us a tour of the gym, explained all the services they offer and basically lied to us through his teeth to get our credit card details. He said we weren’t signing up for memberships. This was a free offer and that we would be able to cancel any time that we wanted to anyway. Two months later, my husband noticed outrageous charges from these people on his credit card bill. When we went into the gym to dispute the charges and cancel, they were extremely rude, pretty much called us liars and refused to stop charging my husband’s card. On top of it, they were unable to produce any proof that we had signed up in the first place (because we hadn’t). They said the only way to cancel would be for medical reasons (injury or pregnancy) or to produce a one way plane ticket out of the country. Seriously? I have never seen such a disgusting scam in my life. These people are degenerates who lie through their teeth. We wound up having to dispute the charges with the credit card company. Hopefully it will be decided in our favour since these people can’t even prove that we signed up for their services. Do not, under any circumstances, give any business in Thailand your credit card details. Ever! We found out the hard way that they are all the same. Everything in this country is designed to be a foreigner trap with no accountability from the merchant and the law is nonexistent in this country. If you’ve ever had to call the police in Thailand for any reason, you’ll know what I’m talking about.
    As we were leaving the gym, a gentleman walked up to us and said he ran into the same issues himself. He was only able to cancel his wife’s membership by producing proof of her pregnancy and his own membership by producing a one way plane ticket out of the country. Disgusting!

  8. My experience is terrible,, I got sms for free trial of one week but when I reached there they insisted me to sign up without trying even a single trial then I pay money for one month to try but after I change job I don't have time to go there even I paid 100+++ that I tried only one time then every month keep asking money from true fitness by sms and mail. Now I saw message of $1450 that I owe to them without going there and ask me to give money and if not I have to pay 800 extra for summon,,I really get mad now.. So sad ,, I pray their business failure for cheating me like this without explaining all details and forced to sign up

  9. My experience is terrible,, I got sms for free trial of one week but when I reached there they insisted me to sign up without trying even a single trial then I pay money for one month to try but after I change job I don't have time to go there even I paid 100+++ that I tried only one time then every month keep asking money from true fitness by sms and mail. Now I saw message of $1450 that I owe to them without going there and ask me to give money and if not I have to pay 800 extra for summon,,I really get mad now.. So sad ,, I pray their business failure for cheating me like this without explaining all details and forced to sign up

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