Serenity Sunday: Let Us See The Good In Everything! (17th November 2013)

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Hi everyone!

For those who are new to this little corner of mine in the World Wide Web, aside from blogging, I also make YouTube videos because it’s one of those awesome means to express myself. Now part of becoming of a YouTuber is being judged by people who watch your videos. There would be those who’ll appreciate and like what you created for what it is and that’s great! But other times, there would be people who’ll think you’re “this” and “that” simply by watching what you uploaded on YouTube. They’ll come up with their conclusions of who and what you really are from just a 4-minute video you put up on the internet. Sad, isn't it?

They said that once you made your videos open to the public, you should be well prepared for what’s coming. You can’t expect your viewers to give you 100% positive response for the video you’ve worked hard for. People have different thoughts. What you like, others may dislike. What you think was pretty, someone else may think otherwise. And that is fine. But when do all these comments and reactions become highly unacceptable? It’s when they attack you not for the video you made but for who and what they think you are.

Yesterday, while I was reading the pending comments on my latest video, I got a hate comment. You won't see the comment coz I had to ban the user from my channel after checking his feeds  and finding out that he's been leaving such comments on other people's videos, too. So what exactly is a hate comment? In my point of view, a comment becomes a hate comment when it is plainly about the commenter's opinion on who and what you are, and not on what s/he thinks of your video. A comment is considered RUDE when it doesn’t have any good intentions to begin with and when all it promotes is NEGATIVITY. Yes, we’re entitled to our own opinions and we have the freedom of speech, but that freedom doesn’t give us the license to hurt other people and in turn sin against God. What we think of others is not always right. If what we’re about to say may drastically affect the other person negatively, why do we bother saying it? If what you're going to say is the TRUTH, then okay. The truth hurts but it sets people free. But if it's just gonna be our plain opinion about something and we know our words could potentially sting, why say out loud our thoughts? So that we’ll feel better? Tell me, has anyone felt so much better after deliberately hurting someone else’s feelings? Does it give someone the satisfaction when another person s/he slashed with his/her tactless words is left hurting or worst, broken? Sigh.

Going back to the hate comment I got yesterday; at first it hurt me. Not because it’s true but because it doesn’t feel good to receive a rude comment – as simple as that. I read it over and over again until it hit a nice way. What he (yes it’s a HE) was saying about me may not be completely true but I asked myself this, “What have I really done aside from praying and donating money to help my fellowmen in the Philippines?” That’s nothing compared to what other Filipinos and the government have been doing.

Are you curious what the guy commented on my video? Hmmm… He said that Filipinos like me are what making our country poor coz I’m having a quality time in Korea while my fellowmen are suffering back in the Philippines and that I don’t give a shit. He even asked me if I ever love my country.

That comment, no matter how rude it came across actually woke me up! But I just wanna make something clear first, I was in Korea in September which is a month (and a week) before the typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines. And that vacation/trip has been booked since last year (2012). My video just went up on YouTube this past couple days because I didn’t have the time to edit it right after we got back from Korea. And the commenter clearly doesn’t know a single thing about me to make such a comment. However, God opened my eyes and made me see the GOOD in his comment. When he asked me if I ever love my country, I paused and pondered on it. I love my country, yes, and my heart breaks whenever I watch the news, so what have I done so far? Whatever I’ve done, IT ISN'T ENOUGH because I know I can do more than that.

On this note, I would like to invite all my fellow Filipinos here in Singapore to join the PINOYSG CHARITY DRIVE on 24 November, Sunday. They were also accepting volunteers but due to the restrictions of the area, the committee may limit the number of volunteers. Check out these posters for more details.

Also, follow Ms Dahlia Rivera on Facebook for more updates.

If you want to donate clothes, please check this link:

If we can do something, let’s do it. And as for the hate comment I got, I’m thankful that God helped me see the good in it and even used it to bring out a better person in me.


Romans 8:28 (NIV)
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

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  1. that is sad sis. he shouldn't judge you. whatever good you are doing, you are not obligated to tell him or anyone coz it's for the Father in heaven to know...

    1. I totally agree with you, but that's okay. I now treat "that" rude comment as a blessing in disguise. :)


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