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Happy TGIF everyone! I hope your weekdays have all been good and merry this week. Today I wanna share with you my experience when I applied for my US Visa here in Singapore. My video is already live now on my channel if you’d rather watch than read. Just a heads-up though, my video is in Tagalog.


The first thing I did of course was to google the words “US EMBASSY SINGAPORE” because that’s where I need to go to apply for my US Visa. For this, I used Google Chrome as it’s also the highly recommended browser for this type of online transaction. 

The website of the US Embassy here in Singapore would normally be at the top of Google page 1, so I simply clicked on their official website which is Once inside their website, I clicked on VISAS tab and on the next page, clicked on NONIMMIGRANT VISAS.

According to their website I should click on Global Support Services link for complete information on how to apply for Nonimmigrant visa and that’s what I did.

I got a pop-up question answerable by YES or NO, which I answered with a YES. Another question came up where I need to choose what type of visa I’m applying for, so I simply chose Nonimmigrant Visa.

The page that followed was where I spent a lot of time on because it’s where I found the link to the form I needed to complete for the big part of my application. It also required a digital US Visa size photo and since I didn’t have any at that time, I had to improvise. Using my Canon G7X Mark II, I took a picture of myself while standing against a white wall. I imported the photo to my MacBook and after inspecting it to see if it’s okay, I searched online for a website or app I can use to resize the photo to the required US Visa ID size. Good thing I was able to find this very useful website:

Once I have completed the form, I went back to Step 2 to take care of the payment. I opted for the payment thru SAM kiosk because there’s one nearby our place. You would know how much you’d have to pay for once you click on the visa fee page link on Step 2. My visa type was B (business/tourist) and during that time the amount I should pay was SGD 224.00. Since I’m not sure if they’re changing the rates every year, it’ll be better to always refer to their website. What’s important is keep the receipt of your payment because it’s one of the required documents/papers for your appointment.

The next thing I did was to follow Step 4, which instructed that I should create a profile in their system. The link to their system is clearly provided in Step 4. Once my profile has been successfully created, I then scheduled my appointment.

Since I am a housewife, I chose a weekday for my appointment and the earliest available time on that day to avoid traffic and long queue.

On the day of the appointment, I was outside the US Embassy gate 30 minutes before my slot and I made sure I didn’t bring so many things with me. I only brought my documents, which I put in an envelope. I wore a skirt with pockets on both sides. I filled those pockets with my phone, my EZlink (transportation card), blotting sheet and mint. I also brought an umbrella because it was raining cats and dogs on that day so it was good that I had an umbrella with me at that time.

The security at the US Embassy was pretty strict so it’s great that I didn’t have so many things with me at that time. That’s actually a tip I got from my husband who had his US Visa before I did.

Inside, there was a staff who right away checked my documents and made sure I brought with me a US Visa size photo. She instructed me to proceed to Window 1. There were 3 windows there. The first window was where I got my official queue number. The second window was where my fingerprints were taken and the third window was where I was interviewed by the consular. What’s really nerve-wracking was the fact that everyone from the line can actually hear what the consular were asking and what the applicant was answering, well, that’s depending on the volume of the applicant’s voice of course. As I got closer and closer to my turn, the louder and louder the beating of my heart was at that time, it’s really crazy! But God made sure to hold me by the hand. He knew that if the mood of the consular wouldn’t change, I might have cracked so two or three applicants before my turn, I noticed the change in tone of the consular. He became friendlier and less harsh with his questions. I kid you not, it’s really a miracle. So when it was already my turn, I was able to speak calmly with God’s help.

The best tip I can share with you when it comes to the interview aside from PRAY is to be very direct to the point with your answers. The longer and complicated you make your answers, the harder that next questions will be. So make your answer clear and concise. Don’t elaborate or explain too much. And again, PRAY.

I hope my experience has helped in any way. If you have questions, just leave them in the comment section below and I’ll try to answer as best as I could. Thank you for reading and see you again on my next post! :)


P.S. I’m uploading videos on my YouTube channel everyday this month except weekends, so if you’re not yet subscribed to my channel, head on now to, hit the SUBSCRIBE button and turn on the notification bell to be updated every time I upload a new video. See you there! :)

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  3. Di ko na kc makita ung printout ng ds-160 ko pero based on what i can remember ay passport number ang nilagay ko. God bless sa application mo. :)

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