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How was your week so far? And how did you celebrate Christmas? I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration and that this week has been nothing but great to all you. As for me, I kind of had a busy week because after prepping hard for Christmas Eve’s dinner, I had to push real tight for all the videos I had planned to upload on my YouTube channel for the last week of December. If you do not know this yet, it was my goal to upload a video every single weekday of December and I think I succeeded with my last video up last night (whew!)


I actually almost didn’t make it because it was a very last minute video idea, which I filmed, edited and uploaded yesterday (December 29). It was a total crunch-time for me but the feeling of accomplishing my goal was beyond-words-amazing! I am talking about this video here:

There was supposed to be a voice-over for this video but I was not able to make it due to lack of time. I know it’s a super simple makeup look but the idea is to be able to create a simple but put-together look without spending too much on makeup products. 

All the products I used in the video are very affordable and none of them cost more than P200.00, which for me is a big deal, especially if I don’t have money to spare for makeup items or I’m simply saving my resources for other more important stuff. 

Here are the products I used in the video (Available in Watsons and DAISO):
P73.00   - Johnson’s Baby Powder
P88.00   - DAISO Nose Shadow
P165.00 - EB Matte Lipstick (Vogue Diva)

The idea is to be able to maximize the potential of one makeup item. As shown in the video, I used the Nichido Extra Water Proof Pencil not only for defining my brows but also for giving myself an instant nose lift and for contouring my whole face. I used the DAISO Nose Shadow as an eyeshadow and as a complementary color to the contour created by the pencil so that when combined, the color will bring back warmth to my face as if I used a true contouring and bronzing powder. Then I used the EB Matte Lipstick in Vogue Diva as blush and lip color.

So you see, it is indeed a very simple look but it was the idea behind creating this simple look that I wanted to share with you all. Actually, there is second makeup look. I filmed two makeup looks yesterday for NYE. This simple look is the first one and the second look is the bolder one. In that second look I actually just changed the lip color but I used the same products listed above to create a more dramatic eye makeup. I hope to still be able to put that up on YouTube in time for NYE but in case I couldn’t, here’s a photo of the second NYE Makeup Look that I’m talking about:
I hope I can still manage to edit and upload this second look by tomorrow (Dec 31) but if not, then this will be another makeup look using very affordable makeup products that can be easily purchased from Watsons and DAISO. :)

And that’s it my dear friends for this entry. I wish you all an amazing New Year and may we all continue to revel in God’s never-ending love today and forever! 

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