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Have you ever been to that situation where you’ve already put your hair up in the nicest bun you could probably muster, you’ve already done your make up to the best of your ability, you’ve already chosen the most gorgeous outfit and the prettiest pair of shoes and yet when you look in the mirror, all you would still see is just a below average looking lady who seems like she’s gonna cry out of so much pity for herself? You may not be in that situation right now, but I guess at one point in your life, you’ve been there. So my question is: when do we say that we’re beautiful?

Every day we learn new lessons about life and about ourselves, and I just want to say that yesterday, I believe I learned one great lesson that I ought to share with you. I found out that I am beautiful and so are YOU!
My husband would always say that I’m beautiful but I always just ignore it. I always tell him that he’s only saying that because I’m his wife, but yesterday, the truth in what he’s always been telling me hit me in the head so bad that it hurt. The reason I can’t see my real beauty all these years is because of my own denial. I have embraced all my insecurities so much that it became the only thing I see in myself. One best example I can share with you is my ugly (if not the ugliest) set of teeth. For the longest time, it became the only thing that I will see in the mirror whenever I will check my reflection. I know I could have had it fixed years ago but then there were bigger things in life that I needed to prioritize in the past which left me with an unfixed set of teeth up to now. With the help of God and my ever-loving husband, I have learned to accept and love that not-so-pleasing feature of mine. Even though it doesn’t mean that I will no longer have it fixed, I have learned to love myself despite that flaw. I’m telling you, it will be such a difficult task to love others if you don’t even know how to love yourself. Nobody is perfect. Can you love an imperfect person? I’m sure you can, so why can’t you love yourself for who you are and who you are not?
I know this entry is supposed to be an introduction of myself and this new blog, but before I even begin blogging here, I just really want to throw it out there that it is of great importance that we understand the reason why we are the way we are and to learn to accept and love ourselves despite all the flaws we have. Because I believe that only then will we really learn how to love others the right way.
So, I am Rebecca, 28 years old, a late bloomer and I WELCOME YOU TO MY BEAUTY BLOG! :)

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  1. Nice words! We all have insecurities, for me, is my skin, I had acne about 3 years a go and still can't get rid of all the scars, even if I use the best concealer and the best foundation, you can still see them. What you said is very true ! we have to learn to live with everything about us, cute and ugly things, and just focus on what makes us happy! when we look at ourselves into the mirror look at the nice things about us and don't let the bad things affect out personality.

  2. Yep! I'm glad to know that we share the same thoughts. :)


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