Introduction: My Beauty Channel on YouTube

1:30 PM

I am a late bloomer. You know why? Because I’m already 28 years old and I kid you not, I only discovered the world of beauty&fashion a year and a half ago. And I only started wearing makeup in the beginning of last year (2011). I learned by watching tons and tons of beauty videos on YouTube. There’s not a single day that I will not watch a beauty video. Until one day, I tried to see if I can also do what these beauty gurus have been doing and astonishingly, I can! Also, it felt really nice. It is very relaxing. I didn’t imagine it to be like that. Since then, I started wearing makeup to work, to malls, to the movie house and almost to everywhere. Not that I’m ashamed of how my face looks without makeup, it’s just that I enjoyed wearing makeup more than I thought I would. I started buying makeup products and it just makes me happy. My husband sometimes gets annoyed of my everyday hobby (watching too many beauty videos) but I still do it. Haha.

One day, when we’re eating at McDonalds, he said, “why don’t you do your own videos?” (I paraphrased it a little bit). I told him right away that I can’t, that’s it’s not who I am – but deep inside me, I was agreeing to his idea, maybe that’s what I really wanted to do, maybe that’s who I really am…

In May of this year, I quitted my job as an Interior Designer/Project Executive and stayed at home to be a full-time housewife. So I obviously had more time with my hobby: watching beauty videos (surprise, surprise! Haha). Until one day, I realized that I can do more with my free time than just watching those videos – that I can actually make ‘em (that was me daydreaming, haha!).

In July of this year, I finally got the courage to start my very own YouTube beauty channel. I actually have another channel which I opened back in 2008. That’s where I kind of upload videos of me singing random songs but I want to start fresh, so I did open a new channel and I feel happy about it. The feeling of being able to share with other people those things that I’ve never thought possible for me to do before is just incredibly wonderful.

So if you haven’t seen my channel yet. Now is a good time. Just click here and you’ll be brought there with ease. ^_^

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