PROACTIV SOLUTIONS: My Skin Go-To Products to Fight Acne?

4:33 PM

I'm not really suffering from any serious case of acne but I went through this certain phase last year where my face had its worst breakout ever. And because I didn't know what to do, I ran to the drugstore to try to find a solution and that's when I discovered Proactiv Solutions. No one tried to sell me this product. It was purely my own decision to go and give it a try. I purchased the travel size kit first and with just one week of using it, I already noticed a difference. I continued using it until it cleared out my skin completely. I then stopped using it and switched to Neutrogena which really helped maintain my clear skin.

In August of this year, I purchased Garnier's BB cream to give it a try (and because it's on sale) but I also changed my skincare routine about the same time that I bought and tried the said BB cream. Unfortunately, I started breaking out again. Good thing, I discovered immediately what caused it. And because I've been breaking out badly again, I had to go back to my go-to-acne-fighting-products: Proactiv Solutions.

If you have any questions about Proactiv. Just let me know and I'll be happy to answer you based on my experience. :)

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