The Common Filipina Girl Tag!

10:00 AM

Hi everyone! Today I will share with you a tag video I filmed last month. It's been going around on YouTube and a lot of Filipina Youtubers have already done it. Since I've been tagged by Honey Frances, I decided to finally film it last month. Due to other things that I had to do first, I was only able to edit this yesterday. Anywho! Here's the video:

1. Have you eaten balot/balut?
2. Do you sing karaoke?
3. How many times do you go to malls every week?
4. Do you buy something at Starbucks?
5. Mcdo or Jollibee?
6. Favorite local make up line?
7. 100% Filipina?
8. How do you call your parents? Mom/dad or nanay/tatay?
9. Are you studying in private/public school?
10. Do you wear make up outside?
11. How many selfies do you take?
12. Are you active on your FB and Twitter?
13. What is your favorite song?
14. How many pictures and followers do you have on Instagram?
15. What sports do you like?
16. How do you style your hair? 
and i added this one (i got this from Maia Rose' Video)

17. Say something in vernacular.

If you'd like to do this as a video or a blog post, just let me know and don't forget to invite me to your blog or video. Enjoy!

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