Change of Address + Miscommunication = One Wasted Day (Ft. TA-Q-BIN’s Infamous Service)

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I had a not so good experience with this month’s Bellabox. It all started when we moved. This also happened last year when we moved but I didn’t bother to blog about it. Or did I? I can’t actually remember, haha. As I was saying, we moved, hence, our address changed. After I’ve unpacked all of our stuff and have transformed our room into a place decent enough to live in, I then logged into my online accounts to update my address. One of these accounts is my Bellabox profile. I did this on 7th March. I even emailed them to be sure that their system reflects my new address. They quickly replied to my email on that same date confirming that my address has been successfully updated.

On 12th March, I received an SMS from TA-Q-BIN, Bellabox’s shipping partner, that I’d receive my box on that same day between 10-12PM. Now, if you’ve read my November 2013 Bellabox you’d know that this is not the first time I've had issues with TA-Q-BIN’s service. In fact, I’ve had issues with their delivery schedule over the past months but I didn’t bother writing about it. This time, however, is different ‘coz I’ve had enough.

Being so used to their shipping antics, I waited until it’s past 12PM before calling their (TA-Q-BIN) hotline. I explained about the SMS I received and expressed my frustration because the parcel hasn’t arrived. The first rep (yes, because I made another call that day…) I spoke with was kind enough to apologize and ask me for my address which I immediately gave, and even though she placed me on hold for more than 5 minutes, her attitude made up for that inconvenience, so I just let that slide. She asked if it could be delivered at a later time as it’s obviously past the window time they mentioned in the text message. I then said to at least make sure it’d be delivered by or before 4pm as my husband and I needed to be somewhere else after the said time.

I waited and hoped that it will arrive by or before 4PM. But of course, IT DIDN’T! At past 5PM, I made my second call. The next rep was not at all courteous or helpful. She didn’t even apologize. I started to suspect that they might not have my new address. So, I asked her what address they had on the parcel. She said that they don’t have that info on their system. WHAAATTT?!!! Why then did the first rep ask me for my address? What was that for? The second rep told me that only the sender could tell me what address was on the parcel. Where then was my box? Their website still shows “delivering” and it was almost 6PM. I told her that and her only answer was that their delivery time is until 8PM, so I could still expect the box to arrive until 8 or I can reschedule if I want to. WHAT?! No apology offered and that’s the best thing she can say? I’ve worked in the customer service industry for almost 4 years and I know how a sincere apology means to an irate and upset customer. I, at that point, knew that my conversation with her was pointless and going absolutely nowhere. I ended the call and just sighed with exasperation. One whole day wasted in waiting for nothing. I wanted to call Bellabox but it’s past 6PM and all my energy was already drained.

The next day, I checked my tracking number on TA-Q-BIN’s website and wow! It shows “DELIVERED”. Of course, I already had an inkling that it was delivered to my old address but the question is WHY? I sent Bellabox a long email which Jasmine responded to shortly. Jasmine told me that according to their IT department, the address labels for the boxes were printed on 4th March. And since I only changed my address on 7th March, my parcel still had my old address. So what now? This is my fault then? The reason I emailed them on 7th March after updating my address was to avoid issues like this. Had I been informed via email on that same date that the labels have already been printed out as early as 4th March; I would have understood and known that the box would most likely go to my old address, and I could have just made my own arrangement for that date. Plain and simple. My day would have not been wasted.

Here’s the worse part, she asked if I could probably contact someone from my old address. I knew that was coming so I told her to not bother anymore, that I would just pick the box myself from my old address. She didn’t reply anymore as it was after office hours already which I understood. The next day she called me and told me that they retrieved my box from my old address. You did what?! Can you imagine how upsetting that could be? I’ve already made arrangements to go to my old address only to find out that my box was no longer there but at Bellabox’s office. It also created a bad impact to my previous housemate. She asked me why the delivery guy had to take the box again. And take note: it was a “Friday” which meant I won’t get it until Monday coz I won’t be at home that coming weekend. Ohhhhh what a big hassle that was!

ENDING? Jasmine apologized and assured me that it won’t happen again. Oh well, I sure hope to never experience a repeat of this. And to compensate me for the inconvenience, she said they added 50 reward points to my account which is something I don’t really care for, but at least they know how to sincerely apologize and to make a customer feel a little bit better. As for TA-Q-BIN, I’m… lost for words. For the past months, their delivery system has never failed to dissatisfy me. They send SMS about their delivery schedule but never follow it. They probably have no idea how this simple failure could possibly ruin their customers' day. If not for the awesome contents of my box the previous months, I could have unsubscribed from Bellabox a long time ago because of their choice of courier service. Oh well…Sigh.

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  1. If that happened to me, OMG I can't even imagine! I really hope this doesn't happen to you again.


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