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I have to admit that on the first week of July, I got super excited that I started this habit of writing down my thoughts on my phone whenever I can, hence, my to-do list post. It was great! It was spontaneous and I was having fun. But then the thought of my fast approaching birthday suddenly overtook me and made me very ecstatic about celebrating life that I ended up literally having a life and not visiting this page as much as I have planned. Needless to say, I'm super duper mega sorry.

So what exactly happened in July? Let's start with the first week. My parents who visited us here in Singapore went back to the Philippines on 5th July and although it was sad that they're leaving so soon, the thought that they finally got the chance to visit us here was enough to make us all happy even when they're not able to stay until my birthday.

Speaking of my birthday! My hubby and I went to The Canopi Resort to celebrate my birthday. It's a one-of-a kind experience that I'm so happy I got to have. Thanks to my sweet hubby for this treat!

The following week was my niece/goddaughter's 2nd birthday and we went to LegoLand in Malaysia to celebrate! I must say, though, that the place is kinda overrated in my opinion. I'm someone who rarely gets bored and I kinda found myself a bit bored when we were there. It could be that we went there on a weekday that's why the place was a little bit lonely? It could be but hey, everything's cool!

Despite the busyness of this month, I was still able to upload a bunch of videos on my YouTube channel, which, if you haven't watched yet, feel free to hit that play button on the videos below.


I may have not been able to post more often here for the month of July but rest assured that you're always in my mind and in my heart. I love this little blog of mine and I cherish every one of you who cares enough to click on this part of the interweb and read my blogs. Thank you very much! I hope you all had a wonderful month of July. Cheers to an even brighter and more colorful month of August! :)

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