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Hello and what’s up?! We’re now just left with a few weeks before this year is over and it’s just unbelievable how this year went by so fast, like crazy fast!!! How was your November? Mine was pretty hectic. 

Flying with SQ again but this time, heading to the Philippines! :)

As mentioned in my previous monthly rundown post, we again boarded the plane in the first week of November to go back to the Philippines. It’s my mother-in-law’s 60th birthday and though I was not able to come home on my own mom’s 60th birthday, we just really had to this time because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of my hubby’s siblings to be able to come home from different countries for this special event. 
my pretty moms! :)

So yeah, we did come home even if it meant no rest for the two of us because we flew back to the Philippines two days after we arrived in Singapore from our 2-week USA trip.

What’s even more tiring was the fact that every single day of our stay in the Philippines was filled with things to do and places to go. For starters, I had my Metrobank ATM card replaced with a new one, we went shopping a little bit, of course celebrated my mom-in-law’s birthday, went to Club Balai Isabel and even went trekking to witness the beauty of the real Taal Volcano.

Club Balai Isabel (photo taken using iPhone) | review will be up soon

the feeling of victory!
we made it!!!

I also got to spend a lovely time with my super cute and mischievous niece/goddaughter who I love so-so-sooo much! I miss her sooo terribly, I can't wait for 2018 to arrive so I can hug and kiss her again.

After a busy week in the Philippines, we’re back here in Singapore and I had to face the mountains of laundry, LOL, but of course I also got to get going with editing the vlogs I filmed while we’re in the US the previous month, so November was a hella-busy month for me.


So if you haven't seen the videos I uploaded last month, now's a good time to catch up on the vids you missed! Get yourself a cup of coffee or tea and get cozy because I got quite a bunch of videos for you. *wink wink*

Now that it’s December already, I plan to be even more active in my YouTube channel. It might change next year, though, because we might move again and with that decision comes a lot of planning and things to do. Argh. I’m already starting to get tired just by the thought of it hahaha. Anyway, I’m looking forward to ending this year with a big blast and I hope you all are, too! Until my next post…

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