Bellabox Singapore: November 2012 Unboxing!

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I received this about a week ago but when I checked online what items were sent to me, I got a little bit disappointed. That is why it has been sitting in the corner for a long time. Also, it has been a tradition to do an unboxing video everytime I get my bellabox, so since I couldn't find the time (or the mood) to film an unboxing video yet, the more it stayed in the corner unopened.

When I finally got the time (and mood) to film an unboxing video, I was surprised to see that the items are not at all that bad. In fact I ended up quite happy and satisfied with the products I received.

So here are all the items I got plus the surprise "mustache necklace" which reminds me of one of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube: Bethany, more known as Macbarbie07.

The Mythic Oil Nourishing Oil is the star product of the L'Oreal Professionel hair care range, offering a unique blend of precious argan oil & grape seed oil to nourish and tame hair. The end result is instantly shiny hair that is protected against frizz and aggressors.
Full size: 125ml for S$42.00

My Reaction: I love hair products. My only issue here if ever I end up loving this is the price. I'm not sure if the mythic oil is worth my S$42.

Enriched with Lactic Acid technology, the L'Oreal Professionnel Absolut Cellular Repair Shampoo gently eliminates residue while protecting the hair. Dry hair is moisturized and restored, giving it a revitalized shine.
Full size: 500ml for S$42.00

My Reaction: It's so nice to see a bigger sample sized product! I got so ecstatic when I saw this and I just can't wait to try this and write a review afterwards. Yay!

The Benta Berry G-1 Creme Hydratante Regulatrice is a moisturizing face cream made from 100% natural active ingredients. It has a mattifying effect, which leaves the skin smooth and balanced while diminishing redness and blemishes at the same time.
Full size: 30ml for S$29.90

My Reaction: I didn't like that this sample is too little but what I failed to see was that Bellabox actually sent two of this sample product. So I guess, I would still be able to write a review about this after trying for say one week? Hmmm...

E..G.F or Epidermal Growth Factor is the rate at which skin cell regenerates. The E.G.F. Face mask aids in cell regeneration and is developed to deeply moisturize and condition the skin.

My Reaction: This is the second face mask I received from Bellabox. I wonder when I'll get the mood to try the first one they sent me. It's not that I don't like to use a facial mask (I'm using one from Proactiv), I just really feel like I need to be in that super "relaxed" mood when I use it so that my face will feel more pampered. Hahaha. I don't know if that made sense at all. :)

The Savoir Faire Mini Lipsticks contain beeswax which nourishes the lips and is water-resistant. They come in seven differen shades and are the perfect size for keeping in your purse for a night out.
Mini size: S$9.95 / Full size: S$65.00

My Reaction: I'm a lipstick person so the moment I saw this mini lipstick, I went giddy! I instantly liked the fact that it is moisturizing but I'm not sure if I adore the color.

SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Pink Mustache Necklace! ^.^
My Reaction: This is really super cute!!!!!! I love it!

And here is my unboxing video. Enjoy! :)

Song at the end: There's Never You & Me (by: thelatebloomer11)
For more info about BellaBox, you can visit: (If you're in Singapore) (If you're in Australia)

To BELLABOX Singapore,  thanks for doing such a great job!

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with Bellabox. I pay for this monthly subscription. All opinions are mine.

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