OOTD: Sunday, 18th November

12:13 AM

I haven’t done an OOTD in a while, so when my husband and I went out one Sunday (18th Nov.), I decided to make one. He brought the camera and the tripod as we planned to do an OOTD video at the Gardens By The Bay. Before heading there, we ate first at our favorite Filipino fast-food restaurant at Lucky Plaza, and when we’re about to go there, the delivery guy for one of the items that we ordered online called my husband on his phone telling him that he’s already nearby our house. We tried to arrange for the time so we could still go on with our plan, but it didn’t work out. In short, the OOTD video got cancelled. We just had to go home as no one’s home and we’ve been waiting for that item for days, so...

 Forgive me for my hideous poses, LOL!
…we thought of just taking photos of my outfit at home, LOL!

By the way, as soon as we arrived home, the rain started to fall… and then a few minutes more, it began pouring. So, I guess, it’s also good that things didn’t go as planned. Haha.

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