Bellabox Singapore: JUNE 2013 WANDERLUST

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It's June 30th today and I can't believe that I just let the days and weeks of June to pass by like that. To my avid readers (if I have any, LOL), I'm so sorry for the lack of posts. I didn't mean to abandon this site for that long but it still happened... my bad. :( I'm really sorry...

If we could just all move on now, I have another Bellabox unboxing blog post for you all. 

I was not able to film an unboxing video for this one and I've been thinking that I might no longer film further unboxing videos for Bellabox in the future and would just focus on writing a blog post about it. Let me know what you think?

So, here is my June Bellabox and all the stuff in it! Yay!

(50 ML / S$ 13 AND 120 ML / S$32)
Use this mattifier on facial skin for acne and shine control. Also apply to areas prone to sweat acne like chest, back and arms to treat and prevent blemishes from forming. Use as a hand and feet anti-fungal, disinfectant sanitizer. Don't leave home without it. 

My Initial Reaction: Just from reading its description, I can already tell that this is an amazing product. In fact, I'm so excited to give it a try. I just haven't found the mood to. 

(30 ML / S$ 13 AND 185 ML / S$62)
Intense moisture in a light cream that also offers heightened cell renewal and gentle microdermabrasion to remove dead skin cells! Oh, and did we mention that it's been tested to be free of 76 common skin allergens, living up to its hypoallergenic name?

My Initial Reaction: Despite its wondrous benefits, I don't think I will enjoy using this stuff. The scent is just terrible! :( I can't use a lotion that doesn't smell good because I want my skin to not only feel smooth to the touch but also smell really good. So this one is unfortunately a miss!

(350 ML / S$ 22.90)
Each one of these amazing olive oil based shower gel is moisturizing and has an amazingly rich texture, as well as a truly delightful, invigorating scent. From orange mandarin to a berry explosion, from pink patchouli to zesty lime, with vanilla thrown in for good measure, you're guaranteed to have a BLAST of fun in your bath. Go ahead... pamper yourself, you deserve it! 

My Initial Reaction: The scent reminds me of a candy I used to eat when I was a kid. I have a feeling that it will smell really sweet and girly so I can't wait to use it.

(100 ML / S$ 11.80)
Tired of nicks and cuts that come with shaving? We know we are! Now that we've switched to Veet cream for touchably smooth skin that last for up to twice as long as shaving, we're so excited for summer fun! Bring on the bathing suits and sundresses!

My Initial Reaction: I'm not that excited about this one because it's what I'm currently using and I'm not a big fan of it. I also don't like its scent.  

(75ML / S$ 268)
Get ready to have a new creed when it comes to your top fragrance choice. Creed is a European Perfumer with a history of being European Royalty's brand of choice. Their spring scent will lift you off your feet with its light, youthful spirit. Spring Flower is the very essence of spring, distilled with perfection into a stunning perfume.

My Initial Reaction: Whoa! The full size is very costly in my opinion but I'm in love with its scent. For me, it's feminine and sophisticated. It's not too strong and it is the kind of scent that will make my head turn. If only it's not that expensive, I might have considered purchasing its full size. We'll see if I'd change my mind in the coming months. (grin)

(SPF 30 50G / S$ 49.90 SPF 50 50G / S$54.90)
Imagine a sunscreen that is lightweight and without the icky feeling that you get with conventional sunscreens. The Skin Pharmacy Silky Smooth Sunscreen offers great protection against the suns' UV ray and it is formulated in Singapore so they know exactly what works for our hot and humid weather! Now you can apply sunscreen liberally without feeling like you are wearing any sunscreen at all.

My Initial Reaction: I don't like the packaging. The first sample I got, I still couldn't use up to now because it's so difficult to open/use. I was not able to see the product inside so I don't know how to react on this item.

(100 ML / S$23.90)
A miracle oil that can be used as a protectant, nourishing treatment and shine touch-up without ever weighing hair down sounds too good to be true, extraordinary. Believe it, because that's what L'Oreal's Extraordinary Oil does for all hair types for all women! Ultra lightweight, instant shine as well as deep nourishing protection, making hair gorgeous and more manageable is just a  quick application away. Smooth through dry or damp hair anytime, on any hair type!

My Initial Reaction: I've used this before so I know how good this product is! Not only does it protect the hair and give it a healthy shine, it also does smell very nice. :) 

With over 1.4 million copies sold, the LUXE City Guides take on over 30 cities with its wit and humour along with a curated list of the best restaurants, hotels and sights that each city has to offer.

My Initial Reaction: I don't see any use for this as of the moment but once my hubby and I visit Bali Indonesia, I'd know how useful this guide can be. 

Overall, I'm still satisfied with my box this month. I can still say that they keep getting better month after month. I'm really glad that I'm a Bellabox Singapore Member

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