Random Thoughts: I’m Happy!

11:21 AM

*Another non-beauty related post, but I hope you don’t mind. I just really want to write about something that is very close to my heart.*

How does it feel when you’re able to do what you really want to do in life?

I didn't know how that feels until I met my husband. We met in 2005 back in our college days. Gosh! It’s been 8 long years… I can still remember the qualities I was looking for in a guy at that time and according to our common friend who’s the reason why we met; he didn't possess any of those traits, LOL.

Back then, I wanted a guy who can also dance because I was into a lot of dancing back in those years. I also wanted a guy who can sing and play instruments because I came from a musically inclined family and so I wanted someone whom I can jam with. I also wanted someone with a good sense of humor and secretly wished for someone who can write, so that one day he could write me a poem or who knows, probably a song.

Well, I met a lot of guys who passed 80-90% of my requirements. I clicked with some of them at first but something just didn't seem right as we went along. There’s a connection that was missing. Sure I had some serious relationships before my husband came along, but in any of those relationships I had in the past, I didn't find that special thing that I found with my husband – myself. It may sound all weird, but yes, I found myself in him.

Here’s what’s funny: He’s not a dancer but we always dance to a good tune and we always have a good laugh at it. He doesn’t play musical instruments but look at this:

My Man is a Musician! 
This picture alone can already make my day and mind you, he sings!!! He sings really well! His sense of humor is out of this world – or at least for me. He always cracks me up! And here’s the best part, he wrote me a poem before we even met face to face. HE IS A WRITER!!! #@%$&!!!

So why am I telling you all of these now? Hmmm... Well, probably because I’m at home right now, drinking my hot chocolate and simply doing the things that I've always wanted to do but couldn't find the time to before like writing a story, sketching something, making videos, singing a song, practicing a piece on the keyboards – and he just happened to be the reason I’m able to do all these stuff now! Why? ‘Coz he allows me to be myself and he shows me how genuinely happy he is to see that I’m finally doing what makes me happy. He’s unbelievable!

When I ask him if he’s happy, he asked me back the question. So I answered him with a big YES and he smiled back at me and said, he’s happy because I am. Man! What good have I done to the world to deserve him?

One thing is absolute right now and that is, I can never thank God enough for blessing me with such a loving and gorgeous husband! Thank you very much, Lord! <333

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