Bellabox Singapore: We’re 2 (October 2013)

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Hi everyone!

I just wanna say that I still can’t get over with all the wonder-products I got from Bellabox last month and today I’m in total bliss as I present to you my October Bella…pouch? Wh-what?! Haha. Yes! There’s no box this time. What I got is this beautiful and stylish pouch.

Last Friday, 18th October, when I was about to leave the house for FIDE Fashion Week (I was invited to attend Moiselle & Germain Shows), I received this paper bag which housed my bellapouch and two other surprises.  

Let’s cut to the chase and talk about the items inside my very elegant bellapouch.

Elizabeth Arden Untold Eau De Parfum Spray
30 ML (S$69) / 50ML (S$95) / 100 ML (S$119) 
Spritz on an express your womanly nature with this sensual floral scent. Fit for the modern woman, it is designed with a subtle curvature that personifies the all-round nature of a refined and sophisticated woman.
My Initial Reaction:  I spritzed a little bit just to know the scent and omigosh! This is the kind of scent I want for myself. Sweet but very womanly. It smells sexy. I love it! I’m seriously considering purchasing at least the 30 ML one.

Jacqueline Burchell
15 ML (S$16)
Researched & developed in Singapore, we cannot agree more with Jacqueline Burchell’s motto – that life should be more colorful. This quick-dry formula is free from toluene, formaldehyde & DMP.
My Initial Reaction:  Its color is wonderful. Bright and very lively indeed. The quick-dry formula is also commendable but the claim that it’s free from toluene is questionable for me, because this strongly smells of paint thinner in my opinion.

Goodskin Labs Exten-10
50 ML (S$66)
There’s a reason this daily moisturizer is called “Exten-10.” Using the most effective ingredients known to beauty skincare science, Goodskin has created a formula that promises to erase 10 years off your face in a matter of weeks. Their extensive pre-market trials prove it. Simply good ingredients add up to simply good skin!
My Initial Reaction:  This is highly intriguing! I haven’t tested it out yet. I also didn’t try to get a little bit from the tube just to see the texture. Why? Because if it’s true that its formula promises to erase 10 years off my face in a matter of weeks, I’d like to put it to the test. I just hope this little tube will last me for at least a good two weeks. I want to write a separate entry for this.

Collection Cosmetics Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner (full size!)
Trod through the day confidently without worrying about smudgy panda eyes. This felt tip liner ensures that it does not fan out and makes for easy application. Shine with a lustrous finish in this quick-dry liner! Use with care and do not stain contact lens with liner. Available in 4 colors.
My Initial Reaction:  This is one of the reasons why I’m super happy with this month’s items. This is a full-sized product and it’s a felt tip liner. I’m addicted to felt tip liners because they’re so much easier to line the eyes. Another good thing about this item is that it’s in the color TEAL. I’m glad they sent me this instead of black because I know I wouldn’t buy this color on my own, which means I wouldn’t know how it’ll work. I’m already excited to try this because then I’d know if I should try to purchase different colors for my liners next time.  

Collection Cosmetics Color Pout Lip Stain (full size!)
Hate smudgy lip colors? Try our Color Pout to satin lips for a long lasting pout! This user-friendly marker style nib makes application so quick & easy. Available in 6 lovely wearable shades for a just-kissed pouty look or a healthy tinge! 
My Initial Reaction:  I’m a lippie person which makes this item a perfect addition to my growing lip products collection. I’m not sure I like the color though, but what the heck! It’s a full-sized product and I’m just so jolly!

BONUS: Goodskin Labs Circelplex-2
20ML (S$72)
Protect and repair the sensitive area around your eyes while getting rid of dark circles 24/7 with this day and night cream. Its color correcting lightweight day cream moisturizes and creates a protective layer against sun exposure. Its night cream offers deep and soothing hydrating.
My Initial Reaction:  I’m happy I got a bonus item but it confused me. I mean, when I touched it, it doesn’t seem like it has any product inside. The sachet looked and felt flat. Hmmm… I haven’t tried opening it so we’ll see.

BONUS: Whisper Cosmo Heavy Day
10pcs (S$6.50)
Make your monthly grief a woe-free with Whisper’s first-ever sanitary product with Lactoflex, an innovative liquid-based material developed by women for women. It targets at three key concerns for ultimate comfort and freedom – a fabric that is gentle on the skin, and an enhanced fit that boots flexibility, and it provides 3x more absorbance.
My Initial Reaction:  I tried it already and man! It’s unbelievable! It didn’t feel like I had a pad. Ultimate comfort and freedom? Absolutely! It’s totally gentle on the skin and you gotta hear this, ladies – it doesn’t budge. It’s that great! Reaaaaaaallllyyyy!!!!

GIFT: Cosmopolitan Magazine October Issue
Hey bella, here’s your much-needed monthly magazine dose for all your shop-tacular needs in Cosmopolitan’s October Issue!
My Initial Reaction:  Selena Gomez on cover photo? Hell yeah! Another addition to my heaps of magazines. Lurveee it!

Bellabox totally went beyond my expectation. Two full-sized products, a very chic-looking pouch, 2 bonus items and a cosmo magazine?! You’re the bomb-dot-com!!!


Are you subscribed to Bellabox, too? What did you get this month?

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