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One doesn’t need to be a celebrity to experience the highly sought-after “red carpet” moment. With Bobbi Brown Old Hollywood Collection, we can all walk the red carpet with pride and joy. As Bobbi Brown perfectly put it, “The new rule in holiday makeup – it’s about what makes you feel glamorous.”

photo provided by Bobbi Brown Team Sg
06th October, 2013, Sunday (4PM) at Ngee Ann City marked the exclusive preview of Bobbi Brown’s Holiday 2013 (Old Hollywood) Collection here in Singapore, and yours truly got the privilege of witnessing the glorious event!

Before I go into the details of the event, I just want to share a little bit about me and Bobbi Brown – not that we’re related (how I wish, haha) or had a close encounter. I just want to say that ever since I got hooked to beauty related stuff (specifically makeup) almost two years ago; Bobbi Brown has always made it to my wish list but never really in my cart. How is that? Well, I always end up not purchasing anything from her counter due to the price. I’m not complaining here. I’m merely stating the fact that high-end products are normally…costly, and I very much understand and believe that we get what we paid for. And that’s the thing, I, most of the time, couldn’t afford her. Nonetheless, I’ve always known that Bobbi Brown is not pricey just because of the name but because of its irrefutably high quality products, which again is why I always include it in my wishlist.

Imagine my excitement when I received an email from Bobbi Brown Team Sg for the exclusive preview of their Holiday 2013 Collection! Without thinking twice, I sent my confirmation and yesterday, (6th October, Sunday) I attended the event and was like in dreamland for one whole hour! So, let’s talk about the event now, shall we?

The event showcased what Bobbi Brown's new collection can do to enhance one’s look regardless of age and/or status in life and achieve an effortlessly glamorous face that is red carpet ready anytime! Take these ladies for example, would you believe me when I tell you that they're already in their thirties? #what?!

And of course, the event wouldn't be complete without a makeup demonstration by the amazing Bobbi Brown Makeup Trainer, Sophion Loh.

His techniques are like a breath of fresh air – I’ve been schooled! He showed how to excellently apply eye shadows to achieve a longer lasting eye makeup look all throughout the day. He presented how to properly create a fool proof day-to-night makeup look. He also pointed out the new way of applying bronzer to give color to the face in the most natural way. The model is naturally beautiful and she already had a luminous skin to begin with. With Sophion Loh’s makeup skills, her beauty was even raised one notch higher without having to look like a different person. You will still recognize her but you’ll be in full awe after the result of Sophion’s magic. Her features were vividly enhanced and she looked absolutely stunning!

The event only lasted a little over an hour. After the show, we’re given ample time to browse and take photos of their new collection.

There were a lot of bloggers taking photos as well so, please forgive me if these are all that I can show for now. Yes, for now. Why? Perks of being a blogger – we’re all given a soft copy of all the photos and info about the Collection. So please stay tuned to my next post: a closer look to Bobbi Brown’s Old Hollywood Collection (Holiday 2013).

Before leaving the place, we’re all given a gift bag and you have no idea how I was trying so hard not to show how excited I was when the staff handed me mine. I had to control myself until I got home to open my bag of goodies.

the queue for receiving the gift bag

After an hour and a half, I reached home and my heart almost exploded (okay that’s exaggerated haha) when I saw what Bobbi Brown Team gave me. 

Finally - Bobbi Brown products! I never thought they’ll be this generous with their gift bags. Now I can stop wondering how it feels to use these products. Stay tuned for a separate post for this gift bag as I don’t want to make this one too lengthy. I also have to go already because I have a makeup session with my girl, Abby.

To my beloved readers, what is your HG Bobbi Brown product? Please share it with me on the comment section so I would know which one I should save up for. Thanks in advance and love you all! <3

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