US TRIP 2017: Flying Economy Class with Singapore Airlines to San Francisco!

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Date: Oct 19, 2017 (Thursday) 
Typed on my iPhone notes during my flight to San Francisco.  
Today is "the" day my hubby and I have been praying and preparing for in the past weeks. I can still remember how we went crazy shopping for fall clothing the past weeks as we're both very weak when it comes to the cold weather. I've also been busy the past couple of days packing all our stuff. And today... this is it! 

And today... this is it!

I woke up at 5:15ish because of my alarm. I didn't get up right away though. It took me a few more minutes before I finally got the strength to get up. 'Went straight to the bathroom. We finished prepping before 7am and when my 7am went off, we're already in the middle of our prayer.

My hubby booked Uber to bring us to Changi Airport Terminal 3. Before our uber arrived, I was able to eat half a bread, enough to fill my stomach before taking a mefenamic tablet for my cramps. Our uber came and the ride to the airport was quick and comfy despite the slight traffic, thank God. We're flying to San Francisco via Singapore Airlines and since my hubby is on business class (thanks to his company: Visa Worldwide), he thoughtfully decided to accompany me first while I check in at economy class counter. When he approached the staff at economy counter to confirm if he can see me through the check-in process first before he went thru with his, she informed us that my hubby can actually bring me with him at the business class counter. Wow! We're not expecting that at all. And so to business class counter we happily went. Check-in was a breeze. It's amazing actually.

Hubby waiting with me at the "normal" lounge ^_^

Hubby was invited to the business lounge but since I wasn't, he didn't go. He went with me to the "normal" lounge instead (LOL).

It was during boarding that it started to sink in: we're not gonna be seatmates on this flight. On my longest and first ever flight to the US, I won't be seated next to my favorite person in the world, my bestfriend, my lover, my forever partner. But once I was seated, I slowly felt comfortable. I just told myself that he's on the same plane and having a wonderful time in his business class seat. I suddenly felt happy and excited. I was already looking forward to his stories about his seat and his experience flying on business class.

I had no seatmates on this flight :)

As always, flying with Singapore Airlines was a lovely experience. Just a few minutes after being seated, the FAs were already handing out hot towels. My request for headphones was immediately addressed as well. A few minutes after the smooth takeoff, the FAs were already servicing us with drinks and nuts. Very nice! I wasn't expecting that because all I know was that lunch would be served but I didn't know of any in between servings of food/snacks. I really appreciate that.

Here's the first full meal with ice cream for dessert! :)

And because we're leaving Singapore at daytime, I wasn't sleepy at all. Despite my lack of proper sleep the night before, I found it hard to sleep. Well, I always have trouble sleeping so nothing's new. Good thing, their built-in TV was loaded with lots of awesome shows to watch. So I started watching movies the moment the plane was on steady mode (sorry for my terminologies hehe).

Yes there are Filipino movies! Not that many though but still awesome!
Midway to the 2nd movie I was watching, my hubby decided to drop me a surprise visit. Gosh! I miss him so much already. I was so excited to see him. It's nice that he can visit me at the economy class cabin but it would have been so much better if it were the other way around. Don't you think so? (grin)

After watching 2 movies, I felt my energy was starting to drop so I positioned and prepped myself for sleeping. It was 2:37pm SGT on my phone. At 3:32pm SGT, 7 hours and 35minutes away from our destination, my eyes were wide-awake again. Sleeping is really not one of my fortes. At this point, I really miss my hubby. If I could just hold his hand and gaze at his face, I know I'd feel 100 thousand times better, but the thought of him being able to lie down nicely and have a good sleep in his seat instantly gave me comfort. I just wish there's a way for us to chat (for free) while on the plane. That would be totally cool!

At 5:08pm SGT, another meal was served. Another thing I was not expecting because I thought I'd only get one meal in this trip.

I was on the 3rd day of my period and I started having mild cramps. Good thing they served a full meal so I was able to take another 500mg mefenamic capsule for my cramps before it worsened. It was also very easy to move inside their restrooms (unlike other planes I have boarded in the past) so having my period on this flight didn’t stress me out that much as going to the restroom was hassle-free with SQ.

At 10:10pm SGT, just one hour and 16min away from San Francisco, I was still awake. But! I was starting to get sleepy at this point. So I thought of the best possible position that would help me sleep but still no luck.

Around 10:20pm SGT, the FAs made their rounds again and this time they were giving out sandwiches. I straightened up and decided to just eat. I chose the ham and cheese croissant and Wow! It was delish! Man! I was well-fed in this flight.

We landed safely and smoothly at San Francisco International Airport at 8-ish in the morning (San Francisco time), earlier than what was written on our flight itinerary. Good job SQ pilots!

After going through the immigration, we happily went to the baggage claim area to collect all our luggage and we're very satisfied to see that our stuff were all okay except for the one TSA padlock that got ruined probably because of the conveyor but we're sure it was not tampered or anything like that.

Although this was not my first time flying economy class with SQ, this was my longest flight to-date with them and my overall experience was unquestionably delightful! The whole journey was very smooth and the customer service was topnotch. Just based on this flight alone, there's really nothing I can complain about. I'm already excited to see/hear what my husband has to say about his experience flying business class with SQ for the first time!


How's your experience flying with Singapore Airlines? I'd love to know your stories!

NOTE: All photos were taken using an iPhone. 

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