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We’re already more than halfway through January and I still haven’t posted this important entry. I say it’s important because this entry is kind of my way of looking back at God’s greatness in my life and my way of thanking Him for what a wonderful year 2017 has been. So I’m sharing with you all, my 2017 recap instead of my usual monthly rundown post.

If you’ve read my 2016 recap, you’d know that at the end of December 2016, my hubby’s youngest sister working in Japan visited us here in Singapore and we all flew back to the Philippines on New Year’s eve. So January 2017 was our first time to celebrate New Year in the Philippines since we moved to Singapore in 2010 for work. 

It was also in this month that we (hubby, his sister, my sister and myself) spent 3D2N at Montigo Resorts and it’s so awesome! I have a review of the said resort here on my blog if you wanna know my thoughts about the place and how our experience went.

My mom turned 60 and it’s my sister’s first birthday celebration here in Singapore. Thank God for another year added to their lives! Although we’re unable to come home to the Philippines for our mom’s birthday, we got to see how her party went thru a video call. Thanks to the internet!

It’s the month we finally moved into a 3-bedroom condo unit. What was once just a dream for me has finally become a reality. 

After about a week or two of unpacking and organizing around the house, we’re able to finally settle in. The feeling of finally being able to move around the house freely and no reservations because we have it all to ourselves was really fun. 

We had our housewarming party exactly a month after our move and it’s also in this month that my sister brought her husband and daughter here in Singapore for the first time for a 1-month vacation. That was sooo fun! 


I also posted the first two videos I filmed at the new place on my YouTube channel: a random haul and an everyday makeup routine.

Although I didn’t have a lot of things going on in May, it was in this month that I got a few emails from different brands for some video/blog collaboration. While working with these brands for videos that were likely to go up on my channel for the next two months, I also filmed and uploaded a few videos of my own. And in this same month, the monthly rundown post on my blog has been born.

My hubby and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary with some friends over dinner at our flat. It was both a fun and chill night.

Aside from June as our wedding month, it also became more memorable last year because another dream of mine came true in this month. My parents finally got to visit us in Singapore after years and years of convincing them. 

God really has His own perfect time for everything and I cannot agree enough that last year was it! It’s a super fun, although tiring, 10 days of family bonding. It still makes me very happy every time I look back at it ‘coz it reminds me to never stop trusting God because His plans are flawless and His time is perfect. It didn’t occur to me that the dream I gave up on thinking of ever seeing the light of day would still come to life after so many years but it did. I should never stop trusting God even at times when I couldn’t even make sense of what’s going on. I just need to have faith in Him and trust that His love for me never fails.


Hubby brought me to The Canopi because it’s my birthday! It’s such a magical place and it brings me joy reminiscing the time we spent there even though it was so short haha.

We also celebrated my niece/goddaugther’s 2nd birthday at LegoLand in Malaysia which reminds me I haven’t edited the videos I took on that day. What a shame, becca! 

My hubby’s aunt with her hubby and daughter visited us here in Singapore from Spain for a short vacay and after touring a little bit in Singapore, we brought them to Nirwana Resort Hotel and Indra Maya Pool Villa in Nirwana Gardens for some fun and relaxation.

It’s also in this month that my hubby and I decided to go back to a Fertility doctor to really focus on what we’ve been praying for in a long time. It’s the month we pushed aside whatever fears or pride that we have and finally dived into knowing what’s the real deal about our situation.

Our journey to fertility continued…

It’s in this month that I started taking the prescribed pills to me and I also learned that patience is the key ingredient for this whole fertility recipe because nothing is instant. I also started reading more about PCOS because at that point I was pretty sure it’s my case even without the doctor telling me yet. So the journey to my lifestyle change also started in this month. 

My sister and I also got to join a lifegroup session for the first time at Every Nation and it was wonderful. 

I also finally received the right light my sister bought for me as a birthday gift, which only came late due to international shipping.

And how can I forget that I’ve been granted a 10-year multiple entry US Visa? These were all God’s miracles and I can’t thank Him enough for all these amazing blessings!

God is just so amazing that He gave us something we didn’t know we wanted so badly. We got to travel to the US!!! My hubby went there for work while I was just a very blessed companion haha.
just landed at San Francisco International Airport

I vlogged the whole trip, by the way. I’m sorry, though, that it’s in my mother language but feel free to watch it to feel how happy we were and still are up to this day whenever we remember this trip.

October is also my hubby’s birth month so I made him a little something.

Just two days after we arrived in Singapore, we boarded the plane again to come home to the Philippines for my hubby’s mom’s 60th birthday and once-in-a-blue-moon reunion with all his siblings.

We got to experience a bunch of fun activities while we’re in the Philippines. We went trekking to witness the beauty of the real Taal Volcano and became like kids again at Club Balai’s floating playground, the Aqua Park.

We went back to Singapore after that 1-week vacay in the Philippines and a few weeks after, I was back at the hospital for my blood test (still related to our fertility journey). On our next doctor’s appointment, as expected, the doctor confirmed I had PCOS. Yes, had. :)

I just want to mention that after our first visit to the fertility doctor in August, I made a conscious effort to lose weight for my health and of course for my desire to have a baby. By the start of December, I’ve already lost 4 kilos, which actually has been a challenging thing for me to achieve since my metabolism had tremendously slowed down as I aged, but I’m glad that though it was a slow progress for me, it seems to be a stable one so I’m okay with it.

For this month also, I made a decision to upload as many videos as I can to my Beauty & Lifestyle channel. It was a struggle, yes, but it was a passion project that made me really happy after finally completing it. I made a clear plan to upload a video every weekday of December and I succeeded! Here are all the videos I have successfully posted on my YouTube channel!

On Dec 23rd, I made another visit to the hospital for another blood test and was scheduled to see the doctor on January 9th

-END OF 2017-

On January 8th-12th of this year, I participated at our church’s (Every Nation Church Singapore) prayer, fasting & consecration week and I’ve learned to love God more. The what-seemed-to-be a week of torture because of not consuming food to energize my body became a week of blessing and strength for my soul and spirit.

On January 9th, the second day of fasting, hubby and I went to the hospital to see the doctor and one of my prayers has been answered. The result of my blood test was good and was advised to try on our own this month (January) without the help of the pills she usually gives me. Although there were also other things we discussed, that “good news” about the result of my blood test was enough for me to hold on to God’s promises.

One thing is absolute: God’s love. If I were only allowed to bring with me one thing I learned from 2017 to this year, it’s to give thanks to God in EVERY circumstance. Yep! What a very commonly used statement but this is not a cliché. This is the truth. Everything that happened in my life last year, good or bad is worth thanking God for because every circumstance I had or still have is an ingredient vital to cook the right recipe of the character God wants to develop in me.

In 2017, I learned the value of waiting and the power of the right attitude while waiting. The good news is waiting in God will never go in vain. It may take years for some prayers to be answered but sometimes, what we don’t realize is that the answers are actually not delayed. It’s just that our characters are not yet ready for the answers we prayed for, and that’s normally why the waiting game continues.

I’m still in the waiting game for some of the answers to my prayers but what I will make sure I’d do differently this year, is to appreciate every moment spent in waiting for there is definitely always something new that God is teaching me every step of the way. I just need to pay more attention to Him and His will than my needs and wants because He already knows them all before I can even think of them.

May we all receive clarity and direction from God and may 2018 be the year that our prayers get answered and we, too, become answers to others’ prayers.

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