Cheesy Much?!?

10:41 AM

Wouldn’t it be so nice to be disturbed by the person you love the most only because s/he wants to say, “I love you” to you?

Hahaha. Well, it felt so nice if you’d ask me. Felt? Past tense? Yep! 'Coz it just happened and the story goes like this: I was in the middle of doing my house chores when I got an SMS from my husband.

“Mama,” he texted.

I replied after a few minutes with, “Anu po?” (What? in English). I waited but didn’t get a textback. I followed up with “???” and “Anung nangyari?” (What happened? in English). Still didn’t get an answer. I waited for a couple more minutes and then called him. When he answered, he sounded like he’s in his station and busy working. So I asked him why he texted me with “Mama” and didn’t text me back when I replied. He then said, he just wanted to say he loves me. And my heart melted. Awwwww! Cheesy much? Haha I know!

How’s your day so far? D'ya have a cute or cheesy moment to share? C’mon! Let’s talk about it and let’s be happy over the simplest things in life! ^_^

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  1. Aw lovely pictures!! =)
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!


    1. Aww thanks for visiting my blog back. That means a whole lot! <3

  2. hahaha! that is SO sweet! awww. well, I don't have cute/cheesy moment that I can share, but I do have one simple thing that made me happy today: watching 2pm boys on youtube :D hahahaha. I'm just so easy to please :p

    1. I'm also very easy to please hahaha. I better check them out on youtube. <3


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