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Hi everyone! Remember this post? Well, I have always been very open about the fact that I’m not a nail-polish-girl not because I don’t love nail polishes but because I simply don’t have the gift of beautifully putting ‘em on mah nails. LOL. That being said, I still got invited to attend the Jacqueline Burchell Spring Collection launch which was held at the National Library Building on 10th February, Monday. So I was thinking that it’s probably because of that post.

Anyhoo, I went to the event and upon entering, I noticed right away how it’s filled with fun and bright colors as well as beautiful and warm people.

It’s just sad that I didn’t get to bring a plus one with me coz you know I’m really a shy girl (in person) especially when I’m alone, but the good thing is, I was able to take loads of photos. Ya know! You gotta keep yourself busy to forget the fact that you don’t know anyone in the crowd, and it worked to my advantage. 

Although the event is primarily about their Spring Collection... 

...the presentation talked more about their new One-Step and Brush-On Gel Polishes: its features and THE proper application.

They said it could last for up to two weeks without chipping. And I was like, "That's awesome! That's exactly what I need." Too bad I didn't get to experience how awesome those gel polishes are. We didn't get to take home any free samples to try and there were only two manicurists at the event...so how? Hahaha! But that's fine. No biggie! ^_^

We also get to witness the signing of contract with their new partners (Japan). 

After the presentation, we’re given the freedom TO ROAM AROUND;

PLAY WITH THEIR DISPLAYED COLLECTIONS (I didn't really do that – I just took photos);

HAVE OUR NAILS PAINTED BY THEIR MANICURISTS (I didn’t avail of that privilege either, coz again there were only two manicurists and there were a lot of us there.);

make our mouths and tummies satisfied with the delicious pastries they prepared for the event and basically JUST... TO HAVE FUN!

I even met Melissa of http://www.melissajaneferosha.com/. She’s so much prettier and lovelier in person, and she’s very nice. Did you know I won one of her giveaways last year? You probably didn't, coz I’ve been slacking on my posts. Oh well.

Overall, it’s a fun and colorful event. Even though I didn't get to mingle with anyone else there 'coz that's just me, I think the event was a success. 

If you’re a nail polish lover, don’t forget to check out their online store at: http://jacquelineburchell.com/

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