A Date with WickerMoss Means a Facial and Hand Massage at Chanel, a Lavish Lunch at Noodle Rice Reataurant and an Endless Chat Over Aromatic Lattes and Mouthwatering Toast at Dazzling Café

10:55 PM

After more than two years of NO face-to-face moments, I was finally re-united with this lovely heaven sent human being last Wednesday (17th Aug). 

So what did we do? Where did we go? For starters, she treated me to an hour and a half of facial and hand massage at the Chanel stall in Paragon building. What a posh way to meet and catch up, right?!

Unfortunately, I was not allowed to snap some pics where I had the flash facial done. I guess it's because of their new product which she used on mah face. It's a pre-serum which doesn't necessarily have to be used everyday. Only on days where the face badly needs some instant lift and radiance. 

As with other facials, the first thing she did was removed my makeup. To rinse the makeup removing product (I'm not sure if that was oil or cream as I had my eyes shut. All I knew was that it was cold!), she used a hot towel. Not only did it thoroughly rinsed mah face, it also sort of opened up my pores. Next thing she did was applied toner followed by an eye cream and a eye massage. That's the first time my eye area was massaged like that and though it felt weird in the beginning, it grew on me and I ended up liking it. Next was a lip cream application followed by a massage focussed on the mouth area. She then applied a pre-serum and massaged mah whole face and man was that good! That's the kind of facial I enjoy. It relaxed me. After the massage, she slathered another pre-serum and this one was their new product. Another round of that wonderful massage but this time with their sort of rolling thingymajigs and then the actual serum was applied followed by moisturizer and sunblock. That flash facial was heavenly!
It didn't end there! Outside the facial curtain, a hand massage was waiting for me. She used three products on me but I can't remember them because my fairygodmother was busy distracting me, LOL. All I can remember now was how soft, supple and fragrant my hands and arms felt and smelled yesterday. 

And because my makeup was removed during the facial, the fairygodmother requested the lovely staff of Chanel to paint some colors  back on mah face. That made me feel sooo special! Thanks to Chanel for their stellar customer service.

Our day had just started (insert devil-ish laugh here). We roamed around searching for the right place to have our lunch. She brought me to Noodle Rice Restaurant, a food venue I probably would have never dared to go to on my own as I am not the adventurous type when it comes to where to eat. I ordered based on her recommendations as I was scared to try something I might not enjoy. We had rice and  pork ribs partnered with iced lemon tea for me and bottomless hot tea for her.

We chatted for I dunno how long. That's the problem when you don't always see your friends. Our stories to tell were, well, worth 2plus years hahaha. 

And it's as if we didn't eat, because we still looked for a different place to have our dessert. She brought me to this magical place where everything is... well, dazzling! 

We stayed there and talked for hours. It was 7:30ish when we decided to leave the cafe. 

I even convinced her to ride the MRT with me for just one station haha. We're almost inseparable. Good thing there's always a next time! I'm already looking forward to our next date. 

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