First Post in 2016: Is My Long Hiatus Over?

9:44 PM


Hi, thelatebloomer11 here! Does anyone here still know me? Anyone? Not even one? (Sigh) Oh well, I can’t blame you. I didn’t even leave a love note before leaving, did I? (Sigh)

But enough of the drama! There is, of course, a reason or reasons rather, why I was gone for more than two years, but does the answer to what those reasons are really matter to you? I think what matters more is to know if I’m back now for good. So… Am I?

Truth is, I also don’t know. All I’m certain about right now is how much I’ve missed blogging. I remember how it used to be an outlet of my very restless mind and how it used to be very therapeutic to me especially “on those” stressful days. “Then why did I abandon blogging?” you may ask. Well, leaving this site without notice was never my intention. During the stint that I was away from my baby (this blog), I went through a lot of stress physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. And even though blogging as I have just mentioned was therapeutic, it is also at the same time, “a lot of work”. How? If it’s not that obvious yet, blogging is not just about writing but more about sharing what you already know and what you have just learned, sharing something new, interesting and of value. With blogging, I also take photos, edit them and include them to my post whenever necessary. And when I take pictures for my blog, I don’t just take a few shots for one item but a ton of ‘em! After taking all the photos I need, I transfer them to my laptop and from there I begin choosing which I should edit and include in my post. So you see, just the sorting-out process alone already asks for a tremendous amount of effort. While it is admittedly fun to do especially if you’re really passionate about blogging, it is also a bit tiring TBH.  It is why blogging didn’t succeed to be my stress relief during my 2plus years of MIA.

So, if I’m not really going to tell you what happened to me while I was gone and I’m not going to confidently say that I’m staying for good now that I’m back, what is this post about then? Hmmm… let’s just say for now that even though I may have gone astray from blogging for a long while, the love for writing is still in my DNA and I guess it’s here to stay. Also, I may have just acquired a bunch of new products from my recent trip to my hometown, which I would love to share my thoughts on with y’all in the coming days through this blog. That is, if you don’t mind and I sincerely hope you don’t. *wink wink*

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