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One of the best things I love about my husband’s work is his schedule. Even though he has to work for long hours, his rest days really make up for it. He has a 12-hour, 3-2-2-3 (3days Work – 2days Off – 2days Work – 3days Off) work schedule which gives us lots of time to hang out and sometimes even unwind thru short trips/travels and/or staycations without him having to file/request for a vacation leave. Okay, relax! Of course this post is not about my husband’s job. I’m simply giving you a background because several weeks ago (19-21 Nov), my husband and I decided to go for another STAYCATION during his 3days OFF (for real, his schedule is to die for!) and we agreed to have it at Village Hotel Changi.

It was a stressful week at work for my husband when he suggested that we take another breather. We actually just spent the first week of November in Krabi Thailand for his post-birthday celebration and we really had a blast, but just after a week of being back at work, the stress was starting to drain him of his life again that we decided it’s time for another staycation. He’s always the one to immediately look for great deals online and good thing; there was an ongoing promotion for Village Hotel Changi at that time. If I’m not mistaken, there was a 30% Year End discount at the time of our booking plus another 5% discount if you sign up for their mailing list. Not bad, right? And so we did sign up and book a 3D2N stay at Village Hotel Changi.


Village Hotel Changi is part of the Village Hotels and Residences by Far East Hospitality or at least that’s how I understand it. It is situated at the far east (see what I did there? Hehe) end of Singapore. When I hear the word Changi, the first thing that comes to mind is Changi Airport and yes! The hotel is just 10-15minutes away from the airport making it one of the best places to go to for tourists who love nature and passengers who need a homey place for a quick stopover. If you haven’t been to a village, book a room at Village Hotel Changi now and you will get to feel the village vibe.


This really depends on where you’re coming from.  In our case, we came from Simei and so we rode a bus going there. From Bus Stop: After Changi General Hospital (96259), we took Bus 9 and alight at Bus Stop: After Changi Golf Course (99041) 19 stops later.

If you’re not from Simei, there’s this very helpful app/website called “gothere.sg” where you can enter your current location and the address of where you want to go to here in Singapore and it will magically give you the directions you need. Here, let me give you a screenshot.

By the way, they have free shuttle service so once you're checked-in, just check their Shuttle Service Schedule if you want to roam to go to certain places. Very convenient!


The standard check-in time is at 2PM and we arrived there just on time. Now, one of the things I noticed when we get there was the slow pace of service at the reception area. It could be the software they’re using for their check-ins or the performance of their computers or whatever, but it was a bit slow compared to other hotel reception counters we’ve been to here in Singapore (e.g. The Fullerton Hotel and MBS). 

Also, the staff who processed our check-in details just gave us the keys to our room and was done with us. I mean, we are used to being ushered to our hotel rooms but I guess it was just different in this hotel. And don’t get me wrong, the personnel was nice. He was courteous and was just doing his job. I guess I just had high expectations, that’s all.


We booked their Deluxe Room King Bed with free Breakfast and City Tour. We were charged SGD 321.32 for two nights and the experience was well worth what we paid for. By the way, when we’re booking online, we requested for “top floor near Pokemon hotspots and a good seaview” and though we’re given the 5th floor (the third highest floor) it’s indeed facing the sea so we’re okay with it.  

As an Architecture graduate, I always appreciate well thought-out floor plans and interior designs. This room didn’t disappoint me in that area. It’s not that big but every corner has meaning, has purpose. Although I am not a fan of its color scheme, I like how the designer carefully thought of making sure that every part of the room will not only be functional but will be very pleasing to the eye.

The first time I saw a mobile phone provided by a hotel was when we’re staying at The Fullerton Hotel. This is really very useful especially to those travellers and tourists who will be staying in this hotel. If you will just be in Singapore for just a day or two, why spend money on a sim card, when your hotel can provide you a mobile phone you can bring with you while you tour around Singapore. You can also make free overseas calls to selected countries. Ain’t that nice?

The only thing I really DID NOT like is the fact that they don’t have a bidet hose in their toilet/bathroom. C’mon! It’s a necessity! I also noticed that they provided like 3 towels only (2 body towels and 1 hand towel).

Someone also forgot to provide bathrobes, which is another necessity for me. Good thing their personnel at the reception/service are very accommodating because when I called to ask for our bathrobes, she immediately had them sent.


Alright! Here’s the PokemonGo part. To unwind is not just the reason we decided to go for this staycation. And the 35% discount is not only why we went for Village Hotel Changi out of the vast number of wonderful hotels here in Singapore. We picked the hotel because not only is it top 69 out of 310 hotels in Singapore according to TripAdvisor and quite near to where we live (Simei), it is also where lots and I seriously mean LOTS of pokemons can be found. It is a pokemon haven, you guys! If you love to play PokemonGo, Village Hotel Changi is the place to be!

There were even groups of players sort of camping outside the hotel for PokemonGo. It’s fun to look at for us who also enjoy playing the game.

Anyway, when we arrived at the hotel, we’re very famished because we actually haven’t had our lunch before going there. So right after we checked-in and took photos/videos of the room, we went outside to grab some lunch at ASTON’s.


The coolest part of booking a room at Village Hotel Changi is its surrounding. Not only will you feel closer to nature, your tummies will also thank you for the numerous selections of what and where to eat.

The wide variety of food at their hawkers will have you drooling while you walk past them. You won’t be able to resist, I tell ya! And so we caved in!


Let’s go back to the hotel and explore its beauty some more. First stop: the pool! Their infinity pool is another reason we picked this hotel. 

Seems like I’ve already given a lot of reasons for choosing this hotel, don’t you think so? Anyway, swimming in their infinity pool on the top most floor of the building while overlooking the majestic view of Changi Beach and the lush green sceneries is heaven.

Although I must say it can be a little bit crowded at night (as everyone seems to like swimming during the night, hehe) we still got to enjoy our time at the pool.


Aside from the very smartly designed room, the super relaxing surrounding, the abundant food venue options, the beautiful infinity pool and the best PokemonGo experience, the hotel still has lots of great things to offer like their Fitness Gym.

And you know what’s cool? The Fitness Gym is located right outside our room. And you know what’s funny? We stayed at the hotel for 3days and 2nights and yet still didn’t get the chance to work-out. I don’t know if it’s plain laziness or we just really didn’t have enough time to do everything we wanted while we’re staying in the hotel because there were just too many of them!


I am just not sure if the free breakfast is part of the promo we got or if it’s standard but yep, we got to eat breakfast for free for two consecutive days.

I honestly did not enjoy the breakfast experience that much though. I was not that happy with the food selection and was just… NOT satisfied. Enough said.


What excited me during breakfast was not the food but the discovery of another pool. I didn’t know they have two swimming pools. We checked it out right after our breakfast. It looked nice and all but I find it awkward to swim there because, ahm… it looks like an aquarium for humans!

Don’t worry, it's just me. It's normal for me to find a lot of things awkward sometimes just because I’m a weird human being. (Peace sign)


If you’re planning for a staycation anytime soon but are very concerned about budget, value for money, and basically having a hard time deciding where to go, search no more! Simply try VILLAGE Hotel Changi and you won’t regret it. You’re welcome!

Village Hotel Changi
1 Netheravon Road Singapore 508502
Hotel: +65 6379 7111 / Reservations: +65 6881 8888

And oh! They have a year end sale going on now so if you book now, you'll get up to 35% off the normal rates plus free breakfast and city tour. It's a realllyyyy good deal! And NOPE, this is NOT sponsored.

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