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Hi! It’s me, Becca. I know it’s been a while since I post something for Serenity Sunday and probably no one knows or remembers me or this series anymore, but that’s alright! Because this post is not about me. This post is about the reason I’m thankful for this day. This post is about the amazing love of our Father in heaven who didn’t think twice to send here on earth His only begotten Son to be born as a man and live like a normal human being only to suffer an excruciatingly painful death in the end just so you and I could live and one day enjoy eternal life with God in heaven.

Yes, this is about JESUS CHRIST, our Lord and Savior and the reason why we have Christmas and why there could be NO reason for us not to be thankful every day. You see, even if we’re experiencing troubles and hardships, the thought of JESUS should be enough to put a smile on our face and for us to take a moment to thank the Lord for what a wonderful day He’s made and allowed us to experience today. Whether we accept this truth or not, we really don’t need any material things to be happy today. What we truly need is a moment of silence and peace, a moment to realize that “Hey! I’m still breathing! I’m alive! I live today because Someone once died for my sins so I could have life today.”  

Okay, you may think that you don’t even have a good life to be thankful for to begin with. Or you may be at a crossroads right now trying to decide which way to go and what to do with your life. But hear this, “Do not give up.” I say this not just to you but to myself as well. Even Jesus Christ who lived a righteous life here on earth went through trials and hardships, so let us not give up just yet. Jesus already showed us how to live life even when it’s not good. Jesus didn’t deserve to be humiliated and ridiculed by the very people He came to earth for to save and yet He went through all of it. Talk about hardships, Jesus didn’t even deserve to die on the cross of Calvary but He did it. It’s not a reason we’re human because He, too, was human when He did all that. The thing is: HE DIDN’T GIVE UP.  He didn’t give up because He knew His purpose in life. He didn’t give up because He knew that our Father in heaven was there for Him. Yes, these are just words. Yes, it's so easy to not give up when you know a good fortune awaits you down the road. But hey! Jesus went through with life showing others the love and power of God knowing that at the end of his journey as a human being, he will die a death he didn’t even deserve. So if you say that LIFE IS NOT FAIR for you, talk to Jesus about it because He certainly knows what you mean by that. You know what? Despite life being unfair, Jesus still didn’t give up. He didn’t give up for us and He surely is NOT GIVING UP ON US RIGHT NOW. 

So, whatever it is you’re going through right now that’s keeping you from being happy and thankful for this day, have faith that you’re going to get through it. We just need to do the first step: TRUST IN GOD. Let us learn to trust in God and give up our burdens to Him. It’s true that there are some loads that are too heavy for us to carry, but that’s why we have a merciful Father in Heaven who’s always ready to give us a helping hand if we’d only let Him. For once, let us give him the control of the wheel of our lives and let us take this moment to simply be thankful for today.

Merry Christmas everyone! I sincerely hope and pray that we all continue to experience our Lord’s love, grace and mercy every single day of our lives.

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