[PRODUCT REVIEW] POND’S Acne Clear White Multi Action Facial Foam + Scrub

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In one of my previous posts (Is My Long Hiatus Over?), I mentioned that I recently visited my hometown and while I was there, my face, as usual, decided to torture me again with its tantrums. This means the facial wash I brought along with me would not suffice to calm the storm on my face. So when we went to SM Supermarket to treat my mom to a month-worth of groceries, I also scavenged for a facial cleanser and here’s what sparked my interest to try: 

POND’S Acne Clear White Multi Action Facial Foam + Scrub

Less than 100PHP 
(sorry can’t remember the exact price)

SM SuperMarket

Lipa Batangas

4/5 hearts 


If it’s your first time here, I mentioned in my past entries that I have an acne-prone, sensitive and oily-combo skin. My skin can easily get messed up as a reaction to new skincare products. I tend to get lots of pimples from lack of sleep, from stress and from having my monthly period. I’m used to it and have lived with it. In our recent trip to the Philippines, not only did I fail to have enough amount of sleep, I also did have my monthly visit, and so my face was… well, a disaster.

Whenever I try new skincare products especially when my face is already a mess, I don’t really expect anything dramatic to happen. I just expect it to, at the very least, NOT irritate my skin because when you have an active breakout, the least thing you would want for your skin is something to aggravate its already not-so-good condition. Good thing, this facial wash played nicely with my skin.

In the label it says, “oil-absorbing herbal clay.” That probably explains its color and texture.

Notice the microbeads? Gentle but effective scrub!
It claims to have Salicylic Acid, which is known for its acne-fighting power, and Brightening Essence, which is responsible for brightening the skin after a certain amount of using this product.

Despite these labels, I didn’t really see a significant reduction in my pimples during the first week of using it. What I noticed though was its gentle touch to my skin. I enjoyed using it because it felt so good on my skin and it really washes away all the dirt. I also observed that my skin felt smooth and baby-like after every wash, which is actually a very wonderful thing if you’d ask me. A small amount goes a long way with this product and it really lathers well.

Did it help with my breakout?Nope. Not really but for the first week of using it, I didn’t see any new pimples coming out. It also helped calm my skin, which was what I actually needed at that time. However, during my second week of using it, my skin was back to producing new bad boys and there’s nothing this facial cleanser can do about it but just calm my skin, that’s it.

So I guess its Salicylic Acid content was not enough to combat the Acne production powers of my skin. I must mention, however, that a few days of using this facial wash did help to brighten up my skin and I even observed that my skin was less oily compared to how it normally was prior to trying this product.

PROS (based on my experience)

1. Foams up very quickly

2. Very gentle on my skin 

3. Has this tiny beads that really help scrub my face

4. Really helps reduce excess oil

5. Helped calm my skin when it was at its worst

6. Brightens up my skin

7. Affordable

CONS (for me)

1. The packaging - because I would have liked it better if it has a pump for easier dispensing of product and for sanitary purposes.

2. Its claims to "instantly act on blackheads and whiteheads" can be a little disappointing - because in my experience, it's NOT instant.


Absolutely! It’s a good product. I can commend it for how effective it cleanses my face and how gentle it is on my skin. It doesn’t strip away the moisture from my skin but leaves it soft and smooth which is incredibly amazing for a facial wash that helps absorb oil.

I would love to if I can find it here in Singapore. I would repurchase it not for what it claims but for what I experienced from using it.


YES! I believe everyone needs a dependable facial cleanser and this one really delivers. Just don’t expect too much from its claim to fight acne, blackheads and whiteheads instantly so you won’t get disappointed if it doesn’t give you the results you want in that particular area. Other than that, I can really say, based on experience, that this is a very good product to try and keep on your bathroom sink.  


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