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This is actually NOT a full-on review of the hotel but merely a narrative of how our first-ever stay in Nirwana Resort Hotel went. Also, this blog post was originally written on 22nd September 2011 and posted on my personal blog. I just decided to post it here together with all the other travel and staycation blog posts that I will be publishing in the coming days.  


With no real intentions of writing a review about the place we’ve just been to last week, I’m here to tell you the details of our romantic and fun 3D2N stay at Nirwana Gardens - Nirwana Resort Hotel in Bintan Indonesia.


Let’s just look back a little. My hubby and I both filed a leave from work from 15th -16th  Sep (Thursday-Friday) with the expectation that we’ll have Thurs-Sun to ourselves exclusively. Unfortunately, he was given such a cruel time in his office and so the supposedly 3D2N vacation in Phuket Thailand that we looked forward to for so long vanished in an instant just like that. But since we didn’t want to waste our leave from work, my hubby, (the planner-freak that he is), still looked for ways how we can unwind and be out of reach for at least a day and half (even if the promo says 2D1N - y'all know what I mean, right?). I haven’t told you yet but last time when we went to Bintan, we told ourselves that we will come back to explore the place more and so yeah we did! Hubby booked for a 2D1N stay in a… wait for it… HOTEL SUITE! Yeah. It’s our first time to book a suite. Ain’t that sweet?

And so – With no clear itinerary on hand, there we were at Tana Merah Ferry Terminal on a Thursday afternoon (almost 1PM) waiting for our ferry to depart. After almost an hour of travel via ferry (they call it “high-speed catamarans”), we were then brought to the hotel by Nirwana Bus (as it has the name Nirwana Gardens spray painted on its side).

Of course this was taken 5 years ago and "A LOT" has changed on how we both look hahaha 
5 years ago, I neither wore nor knew how to put on makeup BUT from the looks of it, I seemed to have some product on my eyebrows here. Hmmm...
As usual, hubby took care of the check-in details at the reception area. All I always had to do was wait on the side until things were settled (IKR! I was completely useless). Good thing, the whole staff were very hospitable and courteous. They were very helpful and accommodating which made our check-in totally hassle-free. When everything’s done, we went directly to our suite, and voila!

The interior design really gives a very laid-back vibe, perfect for what we wanted to do -->> RELAX and GET COZY!

After we have taken pictures of the room and everything in it, and fixed our things, we did what we were very well expected to do as a couple who just got married not so long ago (2 months and 29days to be exact). Sorry, not blog-appropriate (insert naught grin here, hehe).


SO what do we have here?
  • WiFi
  • Coffee/Tea making facilities
  • Mini Bar Fridge 
  • LCD flat-screen TV  
    • (It can rotate! so it's just one TV for the living room and bedroom - I LIKE IT!)
  • Telephone
  • In-room safe
  • The usual toiletries
  • Hair Dryer
  • AC and Ceiling Fan
  • Bathrobes
  • Slippers  

This was our first time to book a room with a bathtub. So "HELLO there, bathtub!" 

We then decided to roam around. We went to the beach area but because it was low tide during our visit, we just took the opportunity to take some photos. 

My very own JC Santos (Ali in Till I Met You) hahaha

We swam at their gargantuan infinity pool until six in the evening. And man! It was by far the happiest and most relaxed I’ve ever been since 2011 started.


When we went back to our suite, my hubby then saw that we have a voucher for 1 free game of bowling. How nice! He loves bowling and I love so much seeing him does the things he likes. So we asked the reception where's the place to play bowling (Nirwana Resort Centre), and because we didn’t understand the instructions clearly, we kind of got lost a little bit. The good thing about it though was that we got to see the other parts of Nirwana Gardens. We passed by Wildlife Explore which is some kind of a zoo (we didn't manage to take photos because it was already dark) and even reached Nirwana Beach Club Cabanas, where we finally agreed on asking someone for directions to the place where we really needed to go. We were then given a map and it stated that it should be the other way (the route we didn’t take). Yeah right. It only showed that we really did NOT understand the instructions from the reception AT ALL, haha.

We did reach the Resort Centre before their closing time and we did enjoy a few rounds of bowling.

I TRIED. I really tried even though I really don't know how to play. 

We went back to our suite very tired and sleepy. My body was a little bit aching which I thought maybe because of walking, swimming and bowling. I dozed off early that night.

We woke up very refreshed the next day, 16th Sep - Friday, our 6th anniv as BfGf, our 3rd month as  a married couple, and our last day there. HOW SAD. Before we went down to the coffee shop to claim our free breakfast, we were talking about extending for one more night but didn’t really make the decision right away. Instead we just decided that we’ll go for another swim after our breakfast and then will start packing up by 11.

We did swim and swim again. While at the pool, I was already thinking, “today is the actual day that we’re supposed to celebrate, not yesterday, and yet we have to go back home today?”

By past 10AM we went back to our suite and started packing up UNTIL... 

Hubby and I spoke again about extending our stay and we finally agreed to ACTUALLY DO IT. So with no second thoughts, I called the reception and looked for a manager to hasten the process and to avoid the usual i-apologize-for-the-inconvenience-but-we’re-unable-to-blahblahblah. And in just a few minutes, the manager I spoke with over the phone was already there in our suite settling the payment matters.

And so.... 

it’s the 16th of September, our 6th anniv as Bf-Gf, our 3rd month as a married couple, and we’re outstation to unwind, relax and celebrate. How cool was that?!!

And when I thought that everything was already perfect, I saw this and I was rendered speechless...

Words from Nirwana Gardens Website about The Kelong Seafood Restaurant
Located at the Western Coast of Nirwana Gardens, The Kelong Seafood Restaurant is the only place to go in Bintan where you can tuck into the richest and freshest seafood, while enjoying the balmy sea breeze and a panoramic view of the South China Sea. Savour signature dishes such as Gong-Gong (sea snails), Black Pepper Crab and Stir Fried Butter Prawns prepared in a unique blend of Chinese and Indonesian culinary styles. Built on stilts just above the sea, dining at The Kelong Seafood Restaurant will be an unforgettable experience!

I may be able to find the words from my very limited vocabulary to describe the place and the food that we had but there will just be no exact words to describe the very “thing” I felt the moment I saw that seafood resto floating on water facing the insanely majestic and truly magnificent sunset. To behold such beauty is a sign that life, may it be unfair sometimes (or most of the times?) still has something spectacular to offer.

That night made all our anniv celebrations (as boyfriend and girlfriend) in the past look so ordinary. That night made me believe that dreams and fantasies can really come to life. That beautiful night made me feel and believe that life is really beautiful. I guess you just really have to learn to see the good in everything everyday. 


After our sumptuous, lovely and romantic dinner at Kelong, we had another round of bowling in the Resort Centre and I even got the chance to sing in their KTV bar. When we went back to our suite, it was hubby’s turn to doze off early. I still watched Sex and the City on HBO until I fell asleep.
We had our 2nd free breakfast the following morning and had another swimming session until 11AM. And because we extended for 1 more night, they allowed us to stay in the suite until 2PM (instead of 12PM, the standard CHECK OUT time) as a courtesy, because our ferry schedule was at 3:30PM.
And just like that, we’re back home.

"Life, though already a cliché, really is full of surprises. And God is just so marvelous that He designed life like this – very unpredictable, filled with different kinds of mazes and so full of… life! (huh?!). He is so awesome and great and wonderful for designing my life like this. I’m with the man I never imagined I deserve to have to begin with and yet now here I am, enjoying all the perks of a beautiful life because he vowed to not just love me for the rest of our lives but to make me happy every way he can." - thelatebloomer11
NOTE: This post is NOT sponsored in any way, shape or form. 

Jalan Panglima Pantar, Lagoi 29155, Bintan Resorts
Pulau Bintan Indonesia
Tel. (62) 770 692505
Fax (62) 770 692550
Email: reservation@nirwanagardens.com

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