[PRODUCT REVIEW] BYS Velvet Lips Liquid Lipstick (Creme Brulee) First Impression Demo & Review

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I don’t know if I have mentioned this fact clearly here on my blog but I have very dry and chappy lips. That is the reason why I own a lot of lip balms and lip moisturizers because I need them badly and I abuse them like crazy. That said, I still want to try matte lip products from time to time because I, too, have been enthralled by its appeal. 


Speaking of matte lip products, about 3 weeks ago, I uploaded on my YouTube channel my FirstImpression Demo & Review of BYS Velvet Lips Liquid Lipstick in Crème Brulee and I thought I’d share my thoughts about it here on my blog as well, since my video is in my mother language (Filipino/Tagalog). I’m sorry about that. I’ll add the English subtitles soon.

By the way, I bought these liquid lipsticks from SM Department Store SM Batangas when my hubby and I went back to the Philippines two months ago. I got it for 399.00PHP.

My Initial Thoughts (right after application)
  • I first noticed how nice the packaging looks and how trustworthy it is. You can leave it not fully sealed and yet there will be no spillage of product.
  • The finish is really velvety hence the name.
  • It really is kiss-proof!
  • Although I naturally have dry lips, I noticed that my lips were literally drying up all the more during the application and this was when I already moisturized my lips prior to trying this product.
  • It dries matte on the lips and I feel like it is transfer-proof because of the fact that it dries up so fast on the lips. Hmmm...

Update after 2 hours (from time of application)
*Please note that I had my lunch prior to this update.
  • It started flaking off and was still very drying on my lips.
  • It’s not as long-lasting as I had hoped for it to be.
  • Because it’s almost gone, I had to re-apply the lipstick 

Update after 3.5 hours (from time of re-application)
  • I barely had product left on my lips and I didn’t actually do anything other than drank water and licked my lips once in a while.

Here are my Final Thoughts (PROS and CONS)

  1. The packaging really got me hooked. I like how sturdy and dependable it is. (*but I don’t fancy the applicator – it’s hard for me to work with)
  2. I like the color very much. It’s another MLBB lip product and I always love MLBB lippies.
  3. The finish is velvety, very nice on the lips. It was very easy to apply as it glided on ever so smoothly on my lips and I really like that.
  4. Kiss-proof after you applied it.
  5. Straight Matte.
  6. Affordable. 

  1. I honestly find it drying on my lips. Yes, I have dry lips but I made sure to prepare my lips well before trying on this product but it still made my lips very very dry.
  2. When I ate, it transferred on the rim of my cup/glass or basically whatever I put in between my lips. In short: DON’T EAT WHEN YOU WEAR THIS. (evil-ish laugh)
  3. It’s not long-lasting for me.
  4. Once my lips got wet (which is freaking impossible not to), it starts to flake off. So HOW?!!!! Tell me HOW!!!

Do I recommend this product?
I’d still say YES because the CONS I have derived from trying this product the first time might not be the same for everyone. If I’d base my decision on the PROS alone, I could really say that it’s a great product. It could be that my lips are just too dry or that I was not able to apply the product properly that’s why it didn’t work for me that well the first time I tried it, but I’m going to give it another go until I master the art of putting it on and until I find a way to work around all the CONS I mentioned here. 


Have you tried this liquid lipstick from BYS? How was it? Share your thoughts! 

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