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I can't believe October flew in and out just like that! I was excitedly anticipating everything that will happen in October and here I am now, shaking my head coz “wow, the month is already over. Lemme give you a rundown of my last month.

The first two weeks had me very occupied with preparation for our US trip. We first went shopping for fall/winter-ish clothing and then I tried as hard as I could to film and edit videos as much as I could for my YouTube channel so that I have enough pre-filmed videos while I was away. Here are the videos I put up on my channel last month in case you missed ‘em.

After spending almost a week of filming and editing videos, I got down to business: packing for our US trip. It's actually not a vacation. My hubby went there for work while I was just tagging along.

hubby busy working...

He still had to work while we're there and we had to go to 3 different states (California, Colorado and Virginia) in a span of just 12 days. The packing and unpacking was crazy! I was busy packing every 3 days because we gotta move, it's supah tiring! And since my hubby was working during the night and I'm a light sleeper, I easily got awakened by his conference calls, hence, no proper sleep for me the entire US trip. Jetlag after jetlag!

Even as of typing this, my body clock has not yet resumed to its normal programming because just 2 days after our US trip, we again boarded the plane and went back to the Philippines (more on this in my next rundown post).  

Don't get me wrong, though, going to the US was whole lot of fun! We got to see the trees that have changed their colors because of the season and I got to see snow! (even if it was just through the airport's windows, LOL)

My hubby also celebrated his 33rd birthday while we're in the last leg of our US trip so I made him a little something while we're in Virginia. (Click on the photo below to watch *wink wink*)


I may have been very busy and almost always tired last month but October 2017 will always make me smile every time I remember it not only because October is my hubby's birth month but also because it's the month (and year) we first visited the US. A dream I never knew I had. A dream I never thought would come true but it clearly did simply because God is good.

I hope your October was filled with lots of answered prayers, dream-come-true moments and wonderful, unforgettable memories! Last 2 months to go before this year ends. I wish everyone God's amazing protection, never-ending love and overflowing blessings today and forever.

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