REVIEW: Dermedex Challenge Pack (Bio'tox Cleanser and Refining Cream 2)

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Hi everyone!

If you’ve read my August Bellabox Unboxing post, it should come as no surprise to you now that I’ll be reviewing this challenge pack from Dermedex.

PRODUCT: Dermedex Challenge Pack (Biotox Cleansser and Refining Cream 2 – 5g each)
PRICE: (Full size) Cleanser - S$50 for 50ML / Refining Cream - S$69 for 30ML
BIO'TOX CLEANSER: Using active ingredients, it helps to unclog pores while moisturizing your skin. This deep cleansing blend is a necessity to any skin care regime and regular use will help achieve a brighter and clearer complexion. It can dramatically reduce the visible signs of ageing while restoring the supple, glowing properties of a healthy skin. 
Refining Cream 2: Combining Chinese herbs and Western cosmetics technology, the Refining Cream 2 softens blackheads & dead skin cells, controls growth of germs, reliefs heat and rids toxins to deter excessive oil secretion, clear clogged pores, removes pimples and reliefs swelling
Overpriced in my opinion and... clearer skin in just 3 days? I don’t think so. 


I started using this challenge pack on 16th August, Friday morning until 20th August, Tuesday morning. In order to be sure that whatever results I will get will be from this skincare line, I stopped all the other products I was using, all for the sake of testing out this challenge pack from Dermedex. Here are my observations:

Let’s talk about the cleanser first. Contrary to what was stated at the back of the cardboard, it didn’t turn into a light milky foam but I thought “no biggie, so long as it will deliver good results.” 

It’s also stipulated in the instructions at the back of the cardboard that I can leave it on my face for 15-30 minutes before rinsing. I decided to leave it on for 15 minutes only as it’s my first time. It felt very cooling and had a very strong minty scent to it.

Moving on to the cream, same with the cleanser it has this very powerful minty scent. If you’re familiar with Vicks vaporub, that’s exactly how it smells. It’s not lightweight but not sticky either. It’s very cooling and when I applied it to my problem areas (active breakouts) it gave instant soothing and calming effect which I think is pretty cool. However when applied near the eyes, it made me teary. 

I was breaking out when I used this pack. It promises to give me a clearer skin in JUST three days but for some odd reasons, it made the situation of my pimples from bad to worse. Instead of my pimples healing faster, using this challenge pack made them worse and even encouraged the birth of new unwanted pimples which was just terrible. I’ve read rave reviews about this challenge pack but it didn’t seem to work for my very acne-prone and sensitive skin.

I continued using the challenge pack until 20th August, just to give it the benefit of the doubt but it did nothing but aggravated the condition of my skin at that time. I’ve used Proactiv two years ago when my skin was at its worst and I noticed a dramatic change on just the second day of using it but I have used this cleanser and cream from Dermedex for more than 3 days (longer than what their slogan is saying) and yet I can’t seem to find any good things to say about them aside from they’re cooling and calming. It’s definitely a “No-buy” and a “No-try again” for me.

Based on my experience, NO, but if you still want to try your luck with this product, it’s up to you. There are lots of good reviews about these two products out there, and I’ve said this in another post before, what didn’t work for me doesn’t mean won’t work for you. For your reference, I have oily/combination skin that is acne-prone and sensitive.

Have you tried these products from Dermedex? If yes, did it work for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

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  1. actually it works on my sensitive skin. smells a bit like oxy. i have allergy to eucerin hyaluron filler and after i applied it on my face the itchiness disappeared. i recommended it to my friend but it didn't work on her. the redness on her face seemed to worsen. i guess its not for everyone. its better to use the trial pack first.

    1. It's nice to know that it worked for you. I wanted it to work for me as well because I liked the cooling effect but sadly it didn't. Maybe your friend and I have the same level of skin sensitivity. And you're right, it's really not for everyone. Good thing I got to try the trial pack first coz its full size is a bit pricey for me. Hey! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate it. Do you have a blog, too? Let me know so I can follow you. ^_^

  2. I feel like it works when I use both the cleanser and the refining cream together. When I used a different cleanser and applied the cream on a pimple, it didn't disappear and even became bigger and redder. However using it with the cleanser it came with reduced the size significantly overnight.


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