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The part, most of us, don’t like about holidays is the "going-back-to-work-after-a-long-weekend". It’s funny that instead of feeling rejuvenated after the holidays, we feel all the more lethargic and going back to work means dragging yourself out of bed very early in the morning to hop in the shower and do your usual morning routine for work. Irrespective of whatever it is you’re about to face or do today, I still hope that you all had a blast celebrating CNY or simply had a wonderful and memorable weekend. On a lighter note, today I'll be sharing with you my thoughts on my current obsession:  OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in theshades Mocha and Mina.

When I uploaded my BYS VelvetLips Liquid Lipstick Review on YouTube and shared it on my FB page, one of my friends (Ms Lyssa) suggested that I review Ofra Liquid Lipsticks. That was my first time to ever hear/know about the brand. And so what do you do when you hear or read something unfamiliar? You google it, right? Right! I immediately googled it and was so amazed to find that it's been a cult fave in the beauty community for quite a while now. But why am I only hearing about it now? Well, what do you expect from a later bloomer like me?! But does being a late bloomer stop me from purchasing some of these lippies for myself? Nah-ah! 

And so there I went with my super excited self on 14th September 2016 on---Where? Where ELSE?! Of course on OFRA’s website to order the lippies that I wanna try. Well, it wasn’t my first choice, really. I mean, I, of course, searched for any physical stores here in Singapore but didn't find any at that time (or maybe I wasn’t good at “searching”). I tried to search for online stores here and although I found a few, I was not that confident because this is the first time I heard about this product and so I wanna make sure that I'd get legit-original items. I searched for their official resellers here in SG but at that time (September 2016) there's none. There's one from the Philippines though but when I contacted them, they don't ship to Singapore. And so, for my peace of mind, I decided to simply go with their official website and purchase my very first OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick. By the way, I used the code "MANNY" when I placed my order and it entitled me to 40% discount. Such a good deal! How to know what code to use? Just simply go to YouTube and check those big YouTubers who did swatches video to see if they have discount codes.

You know what's even better? My purchase experience! Placing the order was easy and safe. It was a breeze! Right after successfully submitting my order online, I received an email confirmation about it. The next day (15th Sep 2016) I got another email telling me my order is on its way and on 22nd Sep 2016, I received my parcel! What?! It's that faaaaassst! What a nice experience! It's my first time to order something online from outside Singapore and it's very comforting to know that it can be that easy.

Due to its price, I was only able to get 2 lippies. I know, I know! I’m a poor kid but hey! It’s better to order just 2 lippies and end up liking them both soooo much than buy all of them and end up regretting half of what you purchased! DON’T MIND ME. That’s just me defending my pocket’s inability to afford most of the items I want – LOL. On to the swatches now, shall we?


For me, it is a brownish / mauvey pink shade that is good for everyday wear. It’s a nude lippie but unlike other nude lippies, it won’t make your face look washed-out. It falls under the My-Lips-But-Better lippie category and buying this is one of the best makeup-related decisions I’ve ever made!

This, for me, is maroonish in color, almost like a deep burgundy or wine red – good for those night-out-daring-looks that I wanna try. It gives this vampy look that is both daunting and seductive. It kinda brings out the tigress in you. Rawrrrr!!!!

In the all-day wear test that I did, I wore the shade MOCHA for a little more than 8 hours to see if its long lasting claim is true. I was shook to find out that it really is long-lasting and despite its matte formula, it was NOT drying on the lips at all. I also didn’t experience any flaking on my lips. When the product was starting to wear out, the fading was gradual and it even looked like a very soft tint. It was actually BEAUTIFUL!


I wanna be able to give you every single detail I observed about these lippies, so to better do that, allow me to present my thoughts in a list format.

1.    The product is contained in a clear, glass-like plastic tube and has the label on it’s    body and around its opening. It’s normal for liquid lipstick to be in a clear case so that we can easily see the color of the lippie.
2.     It has doe-foot applicator which, for me, is the best applicator for liquid makeup.
3.     According to their website, it contains 6g of product
4.    It costs USD 19.90 but you can get it on a reduced price if you will use discount codes  like what I did. (I think this only applies if you order it from their main/official website)
5.   I ordered it directly from their website because at the time of my order, they didn’t have an official reseller here in Singapore yet but they now have!
*To know if OFRA has an official reseller in your country, check here: https://www.ofracosmetics.com/pages/international-distributors
6.    It smells delicious, almost CARAMEL-ish in my opinion. If you’re very sensitive about scents, don’t worry, you’d only smell it if you’d sniff it directly from the tube or from the applicator but once you’ve applied it on your lips, you won’t smell any of it anymore.
7.    It is highly pigmented that you’ll get the color payoff you want in just one swipe.
8.   Because of its pigmentation, a little really goes a long way with this product. You’ll be able to cover your whole lips with just one dip of the applicator in the tube unless you want a second layer.
9.   According to their website, we need to wait for at least 15minutes after application before eating or drinking but when I did my ALL-DAY WEAR Test, it was not yet even 10minutes after I applied it on my lips when I ate my breakfast and yet the product still lasted for 8hours+.
10. It doesn’t flake off when it gets wet unlike other liquid lipsticks and when it fades out, it looks like a soft tint all over your lips.
11. One thing you just need to take note of is that it is NOT TRANSFER-PROOF, NOT KISS-PROOF because unlike other matte liquid lipsticks, this one doesn’t completely dry.
12. Even though it doesn’t completely dry, it still gives off a MATTE-SATIN finish which for me looks very healthy.
13. It is NOT drying on the lips, which makes me SOOOO HAPPY because I have dry lips but I want matte lippies. I guess its vitamin E and antioxidants are the key ingredients responsible for it being this moisturizing on the lips.
14.  It’s very smooth and velvety on the lips. It is also easy to layer up especially when you want to combine it with other lipstick/liquid lipstick and I didn’t have any issues re-applying it when I need to touch-up.
15. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro at applying liquid lipstick or not because the application is a breeze!

From placing my order to finally testing the product, the experience was mind-blowing! Since I tested these two lippies, I have been using them every chance I get. I use MOCHA more frequently than MINA but whenever I want a more badass-looking lips without going all-out-vampy, I combine them (mocha and mina) and I always like how it turns out. I cannot thank Ms Lyssa enough for recommending this lippies to me. I love these lippies and I can’t wait to get my hands on more OFRA items!
This is me wearing Mocha and Mina. See how nice the shade is when you combine them? Ugh! It's soooo amazingggg!


What is your favorite OFRA makeup product? Let me know in the comments! 

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