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Welcome to my first travel post in 2017! Today's Hotel/Travel post will be about our 2D1N stay in a Hilltop (2-Storey) 2-Bedroom Villa at Montigo Resorts Nongsa in Batam Indonesia.

Hi! I hope you're having a good day today and I wish you a very happy and successful new year! I hope you have a cup of coffee or tea with you right now coz this is going to be a long post. Without further delay, let’s go ahead and start with 26th Dec 2016 when my hubby's youngest sister flew to Singapore all the way from Japan to visit us. After just a few days of roaming around Singapore, the three of us all went home to the Philippines on 31st Dec and celebrated the New Year on the way to our house in Batangas. We came back here in Singapore on 6th January and on the 8th, my hubby, his sister, my sister and I sailed across the sea to go to Batam Indonesia for our 2D1N stay at Montigo Resorts.

Montigo Resorts prides itself for providing what they believe as "the ultimate getaway for all generations." How so? Well, whether you're a couple looking for a romantic holiday, a family searching for a safe and serene vacation while making sure your children won’t get bored, a group of very active and adventurous young people planning for your next escapade, or simply someone who wants some peace and quiet while enjoying a spectacular view of the mighty sea, the resort made sure to have something for you!

We are a group of four not-so-adventurous but very nature-appreciative individuals and we extremely enjoyed our stay in Montigo Resorts because what they claim to provide their guests are all true and their customer service is topnotch but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Read on for the nitty-gritty!

The Night Before...

On the night prior to our departure, I prepared graham/ref cake and very early on the morning of our departure, hubby cooked Filipino-style spaghetti to make sure we have food for our trip.


We left the house at 10am plus. We took the MRT from Simei and alighted at Tanah Merah, 1 stop later. We went out thru Exit A and rode Bus 35M.

We reached Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal at a little past 10:30AM. We checked-in 10 minutes before 11AM and boarded the ferry at 11:40ish AM. We really thought we're late but thank God, we made it on time. The weather's also nice even if it's a little cloudy. Everything was just so fine that weekend! 

At Montigo Resorts...

We arrived at the resort at 12:30 Indonesia time. Upon arrival, we were given such a warm welcome by the resort's staff. They gave us cold towel and cold ginger drinks to freshen up. We were assisted by Windi who we also spoke with about our late check out. 

Windi told us to inquire again tomorrow morning (Jan 9) at the reception to confirm. After all the basic check-in stuff, we were given Villa 10 and were brought to our villa thru their buggy/golf car.

The best thing about this resort in my opinion is their WiFi signal. It is very dependable wherever you are in the resort and no password required (Oops! Yep it's convenient but it's kinda not secured).


We wanted to avail their in-villa barbecue private grill service so we called their restaurant to inquire and order right after we laid down our bags and stuffs. We were informed that it normally has to be booked/reserved at least 8 hours prior to your desired time but they gave in to our request to which we are very grateful. We ordered their "Surf and Turf" for 999,000 Indonesian Rupiah and two a la carte orders of chicken breast.

We've been to Montigo resorts in 2015 and we also booked the same type of accommodation (hilltop 2 floor, 2-bedroom villa) that's why how the villa looked is already familiar to me and though it's unquestionably beautiful, it's no longer a surprise to me. 

I really appreciate simple and sweet gestures like this.

It's the majestic view however that once again WOWed me because it's really another tangible proof of God's love. Tell me who's not going to fall in love with the magnificence of this spectacular vista!


The last time we went here, we took the other room with twin beds, but this time we got to have the master bedroom for ourselves. I was quite pumped up about it because we'll get to have the bathtub! If you've been a reader of my blog for a while, you'd know my slight addiction/obsession to bathtubs. Anyway, the bedroom is quite big. The all-white interior is very pleasing to the eye. Our bed is facing the unobstructed view of the sea and it's such a beauty to behold. It has this very inexplicable calming effect which just really makes me very thankful for God's never-ending blessings. 

Our room also has a sofa-bed type of couch for lounging and we have a decent size TV which I don't really care for that much as we're not here to watch TV anyway.

Their wardrobe has all the basics that we need. They have a safe, hair-dryer, flat iron, ironing board, flashlight, hangers, bath robes and even cute blue slippers which we can use outside. 

I also like the size of their compartmented bathroom. The bathtub will be the first thing you'll notice when you check the bathroom. It's not fancy looking but it ties very well to the theme of the room's overall interior design. It has two sinks and 2 pairs of body, hand and face towels - very generous I must say. Their liquid soap, although looked odd for me because it was just like plain water (as if they just added water to what little amount of liquid soap was left) but it bubbles when you rub your hands together, also smelled nice and clean.


As for the other room, my sister's only complaint was that it's hot in there. Even after turning on the ceiling fan, it was still hot. We thought maybe the AC was not working properly but we didn't really know what's up until my hubby tried to use our remote for their AC. It turned out that it's the remote control that's faulty not the AC.

After lounging in our villa for about 2 hours (good thing we were able to check in early - probably because it wasn't peak season and there weren't much guests), we all agreed to go out for a walk and take lots of photos.

This is actually a children's playground. If we only got lots of time, we could have explored this more but 2D1N stay? C'mon! WE STILL NEED TO SWIM!!!

When we returned, we found a personnel outside our villa bringing stuff inside and we immediately understood that it's for our in-villa barbecue dinner. They're setting up the roof deck for our dinner before 7PM. Our food as well as the chef who would cook for us was scheduled to come at 7PM. 


o   Neither the telephone button for housekeeping/service nor the button for reception is working. I always had to dial "0" for everything that we need. So whoever is answering that line is like an operator who will send the message to the correct department e.g. Housekeeping. I told the personnel at line "0" about it and he apologized for the inconvenience and admitted that "yes those buttons are not working". No biggie, I just thought you ought to know.

o   The water from the kitchenette faucet is not potable according to the staff I spoke with again from line "0". I asked if we can boil it for our coffee but he recommended against it and suggested we use our 4 free bottles of mineral water instead. I then asked if we can get additional bottles as they won't be enough for the 4 of us. I was informed that our request can be granted during their 6-9pm housekeeping time. So aside from additional bottles of water that I mentioned, I was also expecting for a brief cleaning coz I thought he took note of my request. It's already past 6PM when we came back from our walk (a.k.a. photo-shoot outside) and there were still no additional bottles of water and not a bit of cleaning done. So I immediately called and requested for our bottled water to be delivered and they came just after a few minutes. So whatever bit of annoyance I felt vanished instantly because their customer service always seemed to make up for whatever frustration I may have.

o   I saw two or three mosquitoes and caught one. The management is aware of the mosquito situation that's why they provide OFF lotion to their guests. 

o   The fridge's temperature is not cold enough to make our drinks cold. Bummer. 

o   They have Wii but it doesn’t seem to work. Sad. Or maybe we just don't know how to use it?

o   We have a complimentary 30-min foot massage but for 1 person only so that's kinda not good as there were four of us. FOUR NOT ONE.

The In-Villa Barbecue Dining Experience

It is a fine dining experience at the convenience and "coziness" of your own home or in this case, own villa. This is a must-try! You'll definitely feel special with how they will prepare the dining table (it's your choice to have it by your pool or at the roof deck overlooking the insanely majestic view - so go for the roof deck!), the food and how they will courteously serve you making you feel like kings and queens. 

The preparation part is tedious because the roof deck is already considered as the 3rd floor of the villa. David, one of the 3 staffs who served us really caught our attention as he's the one going back and forth, up and down the 2 flights of stairs just to bring up the tables and other necessary things for the barbecue party. Despite how tiring that one hour of preparation must have been, we never saw him showing faces or changing his very kind attitude. His customer service remained superb. Kudos to you, David! Of course hubby gave him a little something for his A+ efforts. Phenomenal service like that should be recognized and rewarded.

Night Swimming at Our Own Mini-Infinity Pool

The view from our pool.

This is what we love about booking a pool villa - swimming at night with no curfew and not worrying how far you'll have to walk to get to your rooms/villas before you can change into your jammies. Here, we own the pool and the mini house where it's at. This experience will never get old.

The Free Breakfast

We are used to buffet-style breakfast and though we can choose from the variety of breads, selection of cereals and fruits like the normal buffet-style that we're used to, we gotta choose from the menu the main course we want for our breakfast. 

It gives this sort of restaurant-feel. We all opted for American breakfast and just decided on how we want our eggs to be cooked. While waiting for our orders, we were assisted by very polite staffs. The customer service here is really topnotch.


This was not on the menu. Their chef just cooked this and they thought we might want to taste it. I really fell in love with their customer service.

We were seated right beside this pool while having our breakfast. 

After breakfast, we just went back to our villa and swam to our heart's content. Although we wished for the pool to be a little deeper, we still enjoyed swimming for hours. Yes, hours! It's as if we're not we're not leaving the resort yet. And since our ferry schedule was at 4:20PM, we made sure to avail of the complimentary late check out at 3PM.

Overall Experience

I can say that Montigo Resorts is the best place to be for laid-back people like us. The place itself radiates serenity. The setting, the accommodations and the services you'll get here are what you'd desire if you want to temporarily escape from the hustle and bustle of your everyday busy life. Although they also offer fun activities like fishing, cruising along the mangroves, biking to explore a traditional Indonesian ‘kampong’ village, kayaking, jet skiing, banana boat ride, etc., still, I see Montigo Resorts as the place I'd go back to if I want some peace and quiet.

If you've been totally stressed out from work or just life itself, book a stay at Montigo Resorts and you'll certainly feel rejuvenated and recharged afterwards.

Jl. Hang Lekir Nongsa
Batam, Indonesia
+65 6505 9381 (Singapore Sales Office)
+62 778 776 8888


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  2. Hi, just want to ask if you booked directly from their website? It's weird that they are asking for a photocopy of my credit card (back to back). I feel like it's a trick for an identity theft. Please advice. Thanks!

    1. Hi! Yes, we booked thru their website and we've been asked for a photocopy of our credit card, too. Of course, we didn't provide. :) They kept asking, though, so we just kept telling them that we will provide the physical card when we arrive. They proceeded with the reservation and all went well. ;)

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  7. Great post! Love the pictures taken at Montigo Nongsa! Do check out our Montigo Resorts Nongsa Batam Review as well!

    Happy Travels Everyone!

    Tom & Kate,


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