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July, regardless of any situation will remain my favorite month next to December because it's my birthday month!!! Inasmuch as I hate celebrating the fact that I just got older by another year, I can't disregard the fact that I was born in this month and therefore a celebration of life is in order.

This is also that time of the month where I should either be giving myself a pat on the back for a job well done in accomplishing all 5 of my to-do list last month or kicking myself in the butt for what a ridiculous idea to list down 5 things when I can't even accomplish at least one of them. Gosh! 
What the heck! Judge me all you want but I'd still go through with my to-do list for this month because... why not?!!

1.     Write more

I noticed these past few weeks that I have been writing more than I have ever been this year and I think it's a good practice especially if I'm serious about keeping this blog active. If before I'd wait until I'm in front of my laptop to write (until my ideas are gone), I noticed that I've been enjoying writing down my thoughts on my phone the moment an idea hits me, wherever I am and whatever I'm doing, except when it's just impossible to hold my phone. Why haven't I thought of this before? Hmmm...

2.    Talk less

It's true that the more we talk the more we have things to regret afterwards, so instead of having more regrets, I'd work on talking less if that made sense.

3.   Be more productive

Being busy and being productive are two different things. I realized that there were so many instances in the past where I was just busy but it's not directly proportional to my productivity level and so I end up tired and sometimes even stressed out but still with unsatisfactory output. So this month, I'll continue working hard every day to be more productive without totally exhausting myself because productivity doesn't exactly correspond with busyness.

4.   Bake a cake

Since I already started baking brownies and pandesal a few months ago, why not bake a cake? After all, it's my birthday month so I deserve to treat myself with a cake I baked myself. Not a bad idea, huh?


I'm pretty positive everything in this list will be ticked off at the end of the month. Very positive. Ah-huh. Hey! Don't burst my bubble, okay? I can do this! And so can you - if you also have a monthly to-do list. Speaking of, do you have one? Let me know in the comments.

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