My Attempt on the 500-Peso Makeup Challenge Ft. Ever Bilena Cosmetics

1:03 PM

This is one of those beauty challenges on YouTube that I have been contemplating on doing for the longest time. I totally love the idea of creating a makeup look using only the products that would fit this budget. That alone is already a challenge but what really challenged me more is the lack of options for me to choose from. I’m currently not in the Philippines and I only have a limited selection of local products in my makeup collection, so it’s literally a daunting task to pick products that would help me create a full-face of makeup without exceeding the allotted 500-peso budget. 

Good thing, I have a few items from Ever Bilena that are utterly a life-saver! And I only used a total of 4 products for the makeup look I came up with. If you wanna know how I created my 500-peso makeup look, just watch the video below!

PHP 165.00 - Ever Bilena Matte Two-Way Cake (FAIR ORIENTAL)
PHP 185.00 - Ever Bilena Eyeshadow W/ Blush-On (SET B)
PHP   55.00 - Careline Eyebrow Pencil (BROWN)
PHP   85.00 - Ever Bilena Thick Lash Mascara (BLACK)
TOTAL: PHP 490.00

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