Sunday, October 29, 2017

13 Years…

This entry may not mean anything to anyone but my husband (well, hopefully). I just want to casually drop by today to let the world know how happy I am that I get to spend this day with my husband. We’ve been celebrating his birthday together since 2005 and it’s just amazing to think that “wow, it’s been 13 years…”

Dear Daddy,

I know I'm not the perfect wife/partner but God is perfect and so is His love for you and me, so whatever I cannot do or cannot give, God’s love will be sufficient. I know that our relationship will stay strong because it is founded in God’s unfailing love. And I know your years will be many because God has never failed us and He always answers our prayers.

I love you and with God’s grace, I vow to always celebrate your birthday with you year after year and stay by your side until the end of forever.


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