Review: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment)

3:55 PM

Product: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (Intensive Moisturizing Hand Treatment)
Price: S$40.00 for 75ml
Store: December Bellabox

Product Claims: The formula of this hand cream is non-greasy and quickly absorbed, leaving your skin feeling soft and moisturized for up to eight hours. Butylene Glycol, Dimethicone are part of the key ingredients that keep the skin moist and hydrated by attracting water to the skin while Allantoin protects and soothes the skin.

Judgment: It feels like it’s too moisturizing for me. I'm also not a fan of its scent. I like my hand cream smelling feminine and floral, or fruity and sweet.

Rating: 2.5/5 hearts

I got this sample size from my December Bellabox and at first sight, I instantly thought that I will love it because I don't currently own a travel-sized hand cream. I love the idea of bringing this with me wherever I go. Furthermore it is from Elizabeth Arden and so far I've been loving all the stuff I've bought from them. Unfortunately, this didn't do it for me. 

I actually like the texture of this hand cream
Immediately after application, it feels a little too greasy for my liking. Even though it can make my hands feel silky smooth afterwards, it takes almost a minute or two before it really sits on my skin. It also has this faint lemon scent to it and some other smell that I can't really pinpoint which is just not very appealing to my overly sensitive nose. As a result, I'm surely not going to purchase its full-sized version.

How about you? Are you a hand-cream person? Do you have any recommendations? Feel free to leave them on the comments section.

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